A new beginning

10 Dec

Ok, I’ll be honest, I watched Julie and Julia last night and now have this overwhelming desire to start blogging… consistently. I am certain that I already have about 3-12 illegitimate blogs on various blog hosts but I don’t care. I need not nurture them, I’ll just have another. This one will be different. It will be the Favorite.

Today is my birthday too.  I am 26. It’s an even number so I rather be even than odd. If you know me well, you will know that I am not fond of odd numbers or warm colors. I like to wear warm colors and design with warm colors but I do not like warm light (the kind a lamp makes in the evening when no other lights are on) or odd numbers. I think it comes from counting by threes and fives. It was never as easy as counting by twos and fours. When I was younger, in my mind, the odd numbers were never kind to the even numbers and the even numbers wanted to be their friends. 2 reminds me of an odd number and I think that is because it is a prime number. Okay, you are probably very freaked out but this is just me and my little mind. I guess I am odd after all.

The name of my dearest, favorite blog Flannel Monday’s, stems from my desire to work from home in my p.j.’s. Who likes working for the man anyway? Certainly not me. I may not have taken 6 years in college if I knew that working an 8-5 job would be so depressing and instead, would have made more of a career out of school. Those that do that have the right idea.. don’t listen to the crazies out there that make fun, they are just jealous! Stay in school as long as you can!

I do not have that much to say but if you would like to know, I would not mind this blog being an avenue to show off my latest designs and maybe even land a freelance job or two. Aside from random ramblings every day, this blog does have a purpose. If it fulfills it, great… if not, at least I’m working on my writing skills.

With that, I will attach one of my more recent doodles.

Doodle turned Digital


2 Responses to “A new beginning”

  1. Matt December 11, 2009 at 10:29 pm #

    Hi, this is a comment too, but from your husband. Mr. WordPress was very informational about comments, so I decided that I would leave one b/c I wanted to feel informational in a comment like Mr. WordPress but I don’t feel very informational in this comment b/c this comment is not very informatively informationalisticly informational. At all. Huh…

  2. Matt McCall January 7, 2010 at 4:00 pm #

    You say you like the name for my blog, but I love this name. And you’re right: college was actually pretty cool looking back on it!

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