Crown of Wisdom and Dewberry

18 Dec

That is the only thing positive I can say about finding grey hair. The Bible is on my side saying that, “grey hair is a crown of wisdom.” Well thanks Mr. King Solomon but I have a hunch he was starting to grey when he wrote that verse. Or maybe I am just wise from all that I have learned in my years. Either or, I think I’m going to start dying my hair. When I get older I will embrace the salt  and pepper look but I am not older I am 26 for crying out loud. I should be at the quarter-life-crisis point in my life, right? Hmm… I feel like I am just getting started.

I think I will learn to sew (talk about quarter-life-crisis – ha). I discovered an amazing textile designer today by the name of Joel Dewberry of He is a graphic designer turned textile designer. Eh, what’s the difference? Paper vs. Fabric? Well I will attach some of his designs as they inspire me to sew things, mostly handbags and curtains. I feel as though I will be the envy of my friends with handbags made from his textiles! GORGEOUS! I’m pretty sure we could be friends.

I think my favorite is the Faux Bois.. I could see myself with a handbag made out of that. It would look so amazing hanging on my arm. If for some reason I don’t ever learn to sew, there is a shop on esty that makes handbags using his fabric. They have very good craftsmanship and I love the shape of their bags. I want one! You can find her here:


I love finding artists that inspire. I want to inspire. Maybe I will. See below for an “Inspirational” piece by yours truly. This is actually the Christmas card I created this year but I never had printed. Might as well get some kind of use out of it, right? Maybe I will use it as a facebook profile picture?  


Happy Friday and yay for slumber parties!


2 Responses to “Crown of Wisdom and Dewberry”

  1. Matt McCall January 7, 2010 at 4:02 pm #

    I’m not sure what’s worse for a guy: going prematurely grey or going prematurely bald. For some reason, starting a couple of months ago, the hair on top of my head seems to be much thinner. You can dye or color your hair, but it’s much harder to get Rogaine working!

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