The Eve of the End

4 Jan

Or the beginning. Yes, it is the beginning of my new and improved, healthy life. 🙂 The end to oh, eating 5 brownies in one day, or eating two dinners, or… sniff sniff.. eating foosackleys. You can’t fake fat, foo. I love you but I must refrain from you for awhile. I hope that we can still be pin pals. I’ll send you little letters from time to time and you can visit me in my dreams.

Mean while.. in celebration of my last day before the lifestyle change begins, this is what I had for lunch:

At least it did have some lettuce, right?

Also, In Celebration of my new life, I purchased SHAPE 🙂 Who better to be on the cover this month that an Amanda! Well, a Mandy for short. Anyways, if you like Mandy Moore then you may have noticed that her weight flip flops a little bit too. Granted, Hollywood will say she is fat if she gains 10 lbs and she could very well look fabulous. But I will do a little before and after of her… I mean, she looks beautiful regardless not sure about that before outfit though. See photos:

In the this month’s SHAPE issue they offer up some resolutions that they claim might actually work in regards to weight loss so I will take what I can get! They are the following:

  • Trim 100 to 200 calories from each meal. “The easiest way to lose weight is by taking small, manageable steps. Leaving off a few hundred calories by measuring your morning cereal or swapping full fat dressing to fat free or even not finishing your dinner. (I think I’m going to shave off more like 300 to 500 (These shape folks dont’t know what I eat every night))
  • Adding more whole grains to your diet. Apparently they are packed with lots of fiber which helps you poo. They suggest eating popcorn or whole wheat crackers instead of chips and then eat oatmeal or granola instead of cereal. Hmm.. I wonder if they are talking about the flavored oatmeals?
  • Instead of quitting all of your vices cold turkey and when I mean vices I mean chocolate for me.. they say you should just allow yourself to have a little indulgence a few times a week.

Another indulgence for me would be a latte. When I’ve dieted in the past it’s amazing how sweet splenda can become if it’s the only sweetener you are able to have. So maybe my indulgence will be a Grande Nonfat 5 Splenda Latte. It is heaven on Earth!

I think I am going to start making Smoothies for breakfast! I need to buy the stuff and in case you guys are curious.. no, I still have not gone to the grocery store to purchase the necessities for my diet. That is not a very good way to start and so I think when Matt returns home I am going to go to the grocery store.. even if it is 9 or 10 o’clock at night.

Does anyone know what Quiona is? I heard it was tastey and healthy. Just trying to get ideas for foods to eat.

Ok well today is the last day! I am starving and am going to go indulge myself in a bit of naughtiness before I can’t anymore!


5 Responses to “The Eve of the End”

  1. Tara January 4, 2010 at 12:26 am #

    oatmeal: this does NOT mean instant oatmeal that comes in the packets. Get the oatmeal in the large cylinder that takes 3 minutes to make instead of 1 1/2 minutes. It tastes so so much better and you can flavor however you want (splenda, a few raisins and cinnamon. yum). Seriously, it’s much cheaper and tastier than the instant crap anyway.

    quinoa: good stuff, if you figure out some recipes you like best with it. The taste & consistency reminds me of couscous. It’s good with dried cranberries and different spices. And for middle eastern taste, some olive oil, pine nuts and a sprinkle of cumin.

    Lattes: a Tall “skinny” latte of any flavor is only 90 calories. They use non-fat milk and sugar-free syrup to make it. I think cinnamon dolce is the best.

    I’ve got grocery shopping in the morning. Fun times.

  2. flannelmondays January 4, 2010 at 1:04 am #

    Tara, you are so informative! LOL I was reading your blog and I wonder if your recipes may be a little advanced for me. 🙂 But I am going to try some of them for sure 🙂

    I also heard about a blog called I haven’t gone to it yet but this girl has recipes on there that help her maintain her weight too.. I’m going to check it out!

  3. Nina January 4, 2010 at 2:53 am #

    I LOVE quinoa(pronounced like Ken-waa). It can be hard to find though-health food stores like Virginia’s or Bruno’s are places I know around here-and is a tad expensive for the little box of it you get.

    Oh and I am all about some fiber-you will be amazed at how much better you feel when you add more fiber to your diet-and plenty of water! Flush out all that bad crap from your system.

    • flannelmondays January 4, 2010 at 3:34 am #

      Cool, I will definitely keep my eyes open for Quinoa.

      In the past, I ate tons of fiber.. It apparently takes longer to digest so you stay full longer too.

      Now WATER use to be my drink of choice but I have been so bad about drinking sweet tea and diet coke. I definitely need to put a limit on those kinds of drinks. Sweet Tea is out of the picture. That is like drinking empty calories. I usually try to order water when we eat out and that’s all I drink at home.. but I have gotten really bad about drinking diet cokes and sometimes even dr. pepper or real coke! I have GOT to stop that.

  4. flannelmondays January 4, 2010 at 3:38 am #

    P.S. Nina, What do you use Quinoa with? I mean, do you just eat it plain or do you add stuff to it?

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