Another Day in the Life

6 Jan

Another good day at that.  However, dinner was a little disappointing, not because I ate bad food but because the healthy food that I cooked tasted kind of bad. When it comes to cooking, I can’t just make recipes up out of my head. I hope that will eventually change. I am new to cooking anyway.. I mean, I have only really been cooking since I got married so I still have a lot to learn. Matt helps me cook and when he is not around I am rarely successful. I try not to admit that very often because I don’t want him to get too cocky but after tonight, I know that it is true.

So my breakfast today was the same as yesterday. WOO HOO, Stick with what ya know, right? And I might as well eat it. Cereal is expensive!

210 Calories for ALL bran with Berries + Skim

Then for my mid-morning snack I ate an apple. It was delicious but left me wanting more! SO I chewed gum! 🙂

About 75 Calories in an Apple

Then for lunch as you may already know, I had my left over taco soup. It was SO good. I am thinking I will make another pot of it for dinner tomorrow night. I know.. that’s a lot of taco soup in one week but tomorrow is the big game and I want to eat something “football appropriate” but with low calories.

I need low-calorie football food!

Taco soup AGAIN! 200 Calories?

After I ate my lunch at my desk I decided to go to Barnes and Nobles and I cannot tell a lie, I bought a Tall Nonfat Latte with 4 splenda. Splenda never tasted so good! I was a little hesitant to get a plain latte but it was so good. IF you don’t like plain latte’s they also have sugar-free syrup. That is a little extreme to me. I don’t like the sugar-free syrups.

ONLY 100 Calories!

Also, when I was searching for the Calorie content for the Latte, I came across a cool little diddy that Starbucks has on their webpage that has a pdf you can download with all of the beverages under 200 calories! So that’s helpful for anyone who cares:

By 3:45 I was hungry AGAIN and I knew that I would not be home until later because of church (which I left early because of a ridiculous headache) So I partook in a lovely Kashi Bar!

120 Calorie Kashi Dark Chocolate + Coconut Granola Bar DELISH

So let’s fast forward to me getting home. My headache finally went away. I have had really bad headaches since I began my fabulous diet. I think it mostly has to do with lower caffeine intake but I could be wrong?

I was so excited to cook. I enjoy cooking and I wanted to recreate something that my friend, Mary made once. It was very good veggies with whole-wheat pasta and feta cheese. (I 86ed the Feta for obvious reasons) See my pretty pictures below. That is the ONLY good thing about this recipe:

Beautiful Veggies

I have more fun taking pictures than cooking!

I probably could have used more tomatoes.

Pretty to look at, Ugly to taste 😦 and about 500-600 Calories?

So that was my dinner. One thing I learned from creating this is that the whole-grain pasta is very filling. 1 Serving size is 2 ounces but I feel like that aspect of my meal is what is making me so full. The Squash, Zucchini, Chicken and Tomatoes were all lacking flavor. I used olive oil, onions and garlic to season but that did not really work.

Then Matt came home and flavored it up a little bit with Tony’s and low-fat Italian Dressing. I tasted a piece of his version and it did taste better. It hurt my feelings. I guess I can only improve because I definitely can’t get any worse.

We are watching Transformers (not my choice) right now and Megan Fox is very pretty. She obviously eats right.. I am looking forward to the day when I am as thin as her. Well, she is probably a size 2 and that is the size of my arm so I don’t think I will be as thin as her but you get the idea. It just annoys me that they have to dress these people so immodestly. She would be gorgeous in potato sack. My goodness, leave something for the imagination, ya know.

So let’s see how calories I ate today: If I count my dinner as 600 calories then I sadly ate 1205- 1305 calories. That is still more than I would like to eat. I am going to have to be more careful and I think after this week, I am going to start working out..I PROMISE!

So that’s all for now! Stay warm and even though I am a mild football fan, Roll Tide! 🙂


4 Responses to “Another Day in the Life”

  1. bevismiles January 6, 2010 at 11:18 pm #

    I mean, you spend more time taking pictures of your food than eating it! i only say this because i am merely jealous!

    • flannelmondays January 6, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

      I wish it could be the other way around! You know how much I like to eat!!! But don’t they say replace one habit with another and before long, you won’t have the previous habit? SOmehting like that.. maybe that’s what I am doing? ha ha

  2. Laura January 7, 2010 at 6:44 am #

    I’m making taco soup and low cal pigs in a blanket for matt and I for the game too! Roll tide. The cooking will get better. It’s all about seasoning with the lower calorie stuff.

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