Do Mirrors Tell The Truth?

8 Jan

Because I swear I look a little skinnier when I turn to the side. Maybe It’s the placebo effect? Ha. Well, whether I am skinnier or not, I am still excited about what the future holds and more importantly, what cute clothes I will be purchasing. I don’t know about you, but I love waking up in the morning knowing my pants are not going to be tighter, but looser (at least, they should be).

In the past, I have woken up on a Sunday Morning, rushing to get dressed for church and put on a dress that I wore the year before.. I wonder, “Will it fit? CRAP! I can’t even get the zipper up!” The feeling of knowing that you went backwards instead of forwards, you failed, you came in last place, you have a mind full of regret and belly full of fat! NOW what are you going to do?! I hate it when that happens and in the past, I have been known to just crawl back in bed and settle for the excuse that I do not have anything to wear. Matt get’s mad at me when this happens and says, ” You have a closet full of clothes!” Which only adds to the depressing situation even more, “Yeah, I do but none of them fit.” I start to cry and he consoles me, tells me I’m not fat and we start over. Those are the days that I usually wind up wearing something really weird.

So like I said, I’m glad I’m not falling down the hill this time.. I am marching forward and there aint no looking back, baby!

SO, with that said.. my day today:

Breakfast – CLIF BAR

This flavor only had 240 Calories!

The Clif Bar is both tasty and filling!

You already know what I had for lunch if you read the earlier post..  but these are the pics:

370-something Calories.. crap! I forgot, must refer to previous blog. ha ha

My stomach started hurting after I ate this and I honestly think it was the diet coke I drank. It made my stomach feel really weird.. kind of gassy but empty too. I don’t know. I know that diet cokes are bad for you but sometimes you just need one. I rather be addicted to those then alcohol so I think I’ll be ok. Well, I rather not be addicted to ANYTHING, actually.

The day FINALLY came to an end. I did not think it would EVER happen. Me, Matt and Andrew headed to Chili’s for dinner. I previously checked their website and had decided what I was going to ge for dinner. The grilled Chicken Sandwich with Veggies. It was very good. (I know, I had two chicken sandwiches today) It only had 360 Calories! OH, but I had half of a side salad too, minus the croutons and very little ranch, So I’m just going to be safe and say it was about 100 calories.

This is what I REALLY wanted for dinner.

But I ate something under this category.

They spilled some of the Ranch onto my salad, but don't worry.. Matt was on clean up crew and took care of it for me. We shared and no, I did not partake in the croutons.

The Guiltless Grilled Chicken from Chili's Very Tasty! YUM!

side view

So that was our dinner. Matt ate the same thing that I did. I am really proud of him. He is trying to eat healthy with me. (Thanks, Matt!).

So after dinner, we went to TARGET. My favorite one-stop-shop! We mainly went because I wanted to buy some Skinny Cow stuff. Because I don’t care what kind of diet your on.. if you are a girl, you must have some chocolate somewhere! So we all had a Skinny Cow Truffle Bar at 100 Calories.

So my calorie Intake for the day was: 1270 give or take a few.. not bad, but I still like to be in the 11o0’s.

The Scary and Exciting news is that I will be weighing myself on Sunday to find out if I lost any weight. If I haven’t I will feel like one of the contestants of Biggest Loser.. getting up to weigh infront of everyone to find out that they only lost the very least. My minimum would be 0 lbs. So I really hope I have something to show for my hard work! I fear I will get discouraged if I haven’t lost weight. So let’s hope that is not the case.

OH, I purchased a prize for myself today because I felt like I deserved it. You gotta treat yourself every now and then, right? I think you will find that this little treat is kind of appropriate.. if you think about the symbolic nature of this particular creature.

A "Good Job" necklace that I bought for myself today. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!


4 Responses to “Do Mirrors Tell The Truth?”

  1. bevismiles January 8, 2010 at 11:37 pm #

    don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

  2. Nina January 8, 2010 at 11:40 pm #

    Don’t you love that oatmeal flavor clif bar>?!? It’s great. Like the pictures

    • flannelmondays January 9, 2010 at 8:03 am #

      I did like it! I also bought chocolate brownie… hmmm, kind of afraid of that one. I bought a Luna Bar and a Kashi Go Lean bar (Kashi’s has less calories than Clif but just as much protein)

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