Eat More Chicken!

8 Jan


I did not write before I went to lunch because I have been creating a “me” for my blog. You will see “me” when it is completed. 🙂 Until then, I will let you see a sneak peak:

I am designing a "me" or a digital self portrait. Probably the size that I plan to be and not the size that I actually am 🙂 he he he


For breakfast I ate a Cliff bar. The oatmeal raisin flavor…not bad, not bad. It kept me full until about 12:30. I went to lunch at 1:00. Well, I decided to go to the mall because I do that from time to time on my lunch break. I knew that the mall did not offer many choices in the way of healthy food but I figured I could eat healthy at chick-fil-a. Before I got married, I would frequent chick-fil-a while I was on my “diet” because it is so convenient and you can eat healthy if you are careful.

Today I purchased a Char-grilled Chicken Sandwich with no tomatoes and no lettuce but with Extra Pickles. I only ate the small half of the bun and instead of fries, I bought a side salad with ranch dressing on the side. Unfortunately, while I did ask for low fat, they only had regular. It’s ok though, because I really only ate about 30-50 calories worth. Dipping your salad in the dressing on the side makes such a huge difference in your calorie intake! You really only need a little bit of dressing to complement the salad. You do not need to saturate your salad in dressing! There’s just no point in doing that (unless it is just easier and you are driving or something?)

Preferably Grilled 🙂


SO I will be honest, I did not research what I was going to eat before I ate it.. so I was pretty careful and got exactly what I thought would be low-cal. I consulted with my friend, Sarah fabulous and small and a previous L.A. weight loss consultant. I told her what I was going to eat and she did not say that that was a bad choice.. so I felt confident in my decision. (Thank you Sarah D.)

After I returned to work I looked up the amount of calories that my lunch had and was so happy that Chick-fil-a had a Meal Calculator! Mad props to them for helping out the health conscious! So I chose the items that I purchased and Viola! The total came to 370 calories (give or take a few because I did not eat the bun but I also did not include the ranch dressing) So yay for me. So far today I have only had 370 Calories + 260 (Oh yeah, I had a tall nonfat latte) + 100 so that is….730 hmm.. more than I thought! Oh well good thing I did not eat any snacks.

Thank you chick-fil-a!

A total of 370 Calories...WHOA, that Chicken had a lot of Sodium.. 😦


Also, I am beginning to think that I may lose more than 2 lbs per week according to the It allows you to type in your weight, height, and how many lbs you want to lose per week and then it tells you how many calories you should eat… well the calories that I could take in are over 2000! I could STILL lose weight by doing that.. Not sure how accurate that is but it makes me excited to think that I could lose more weight faster! Especially once I start my work-out regimen.

Did you really think I was going to tell you how much I weighed?!


So tonight is going to be a cold one! Stay Warm and Cozy!


One Response to “Eat More Chicken!”

  1. prayingmomx4 January 8, 2010 at 3:31 pm #

    If you dip your fork into the dressing and then get your greens onto your fork, you’ll use even less dressing. (ancient weight watcher secret!)

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