What A Day!

14 Jan

Ok, I feel a bit like a brat talking about my stressful day when compared to the Haitian’s, I don’t even know what stress is. Maybe I should take all the food I’m not eating and send it to them. Ha, the amount of food I was eating before I started my little adventure would be more than enough for 10 families, I’m sure! Well. I do want to DO something.. but what!? I feel so helpless here. All I can do is pray. My heart goes out to the people of Haiti.

The show does go on though. Which continues my feeling like a brat. I can’t even imagine. And don’t get me started on Pat Robinson’s so-called theory on why Haiti even suffered this tragedy. His thoughts are that back in the day, they made a deal with the Devil so he would save them from Napoleon and if he did, they would serve him. Wow, thanks, Pat. Way to make Christians look even better than they already do. What about fairness, love and compassion!? UGH. Anyways, I am stepping off of my soapbox now. Thank you and have a nice day.

On to FOOD.

Let me tell you what I’ve learned. Poor Planning = BAD eating. Ok, that’s a little harsh. I did not really eat BAD today but because I did not plan my lunch, I am STILL trying to figure out how many calories were in it. I fear the worse because there was a lot of mozzarella on it, afterall. Fresh mozzarella from Bucks Pizza (SWOON).

Check it:

The 4 dollar Salad. Whatever. Dressing on the side probably about 80 Cal? I don't know.

The new technique I use when eating salad dressing (Thanks to Mrs. Sam)

Delicious Grilled Chicken Pesto Wrap with Cheese, Spinach, and Purple Onion

The guts and dressings. Just to show that I barely used dressing at all.

Lunch was very good. VERY. Which leads me to believe that it might have had more calories than I like to take in at lunch but alas, I must move on…

BREAKFAST (again, out of order..sorry)

My usual Cliff Bar. Man, I wish these came in a variety pack. I am beginning to resent peanut butter and chocolate chips. (260 Cal)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

I have no idea how many calories my mid-morning snack had in it. Pistachios, Shelled but roasted and salted.. I don’t have anything to measure ounces so I just counted out 18 and that’s all I ate. They did a good job of holding me over until lunch so whatever works. They were delicious. I have found if you don’t leave the bag out, you won’t go back for more. And even better, if you eat nuts that you have shell yourself, you won’t eat as many because it becomes work.

18 roasted/salted pistachios = ? Calories

I already talked about lunch. Ahh. I wanted to have lunch what my Matthew downtown. Well, as you may know there are not really very many “healthy” places to eat down town. AND while I had originally intended on eating at the Mediterranean Sandwich Co. I saw bucks pizza and thought they could accomodate my needs. Well, the probably could have but who wants to eat a boring salad? Not me. SO I got the wrap and it was AMAZING. Probably won’t do that for awhile.

So Dinner was from Cracker Barrel. We had to stay at the church until Andrew got done with Basketball practice and I was moody and hungry and bitter. (I don’t know why and not in that order) So, I just got take out for La Cracker. (We had a gift card) Ha, I know you must be thinking, “Gosh, they have gift cards to everywhere!” But I guess people give us gift cards for Christmas and stuff because they know how much we like food, ha ha! I got double green beans and carrots with the grilled chicken strips. I only ate 4 of the chicken strips and I definitely ate all the veggies. THey were so delectable. I think last time I counted that dinner at 600 calories but since I only ate 4 of the chicken strips I’m going to say it was more like 500.

That’s all I’m going to eat and No, I’m not doing the Shred tonight. Jillian and I got in a fight last night and I told her until she apologizes for making me do these “slow-motion up-down’s” that I am not going to be here friend and I do not want to see her. Which that works out because I don’t want to WORK OUT. Leave me alone! Just kidding, I don’t think I have the energy. I am about to melt into my lovely bed. Ahhhh. I like the word melt. To me it sounds like what it is. As I say the word melt I think of butter. Yummy, pastel yellow deliciousness that is soft and marinated into my tongue as I take a bite of a biscuit with strawberry jelly and butter. The mixture of warm and cold from the jelly permeate my every nerve ending.

I’m sorry, I was having a dream just now and just so happened to write about it. Wow, my mouth started watering.

Better stop talking about food before I eat any more than I already have. Let’s see how many calories that comes to..

I’m going to say 600 for lunch + 500 for dinner +260 for breakfast and what, like 60 for a snack.. that comes to…1420 Calories! DANG IT! See, that’s what happens when you don’t plan well. Darn. I feel like crap now. I want to cry. I must do better tomorrow!  Well, there’s always this little guy to put a smile on your face:

"I'm your Huckleberry"

or this BIG guy..

My husband that is rapidly losing weight. Growl

or, if they aren’t around.. I can just look in the mirror and laugh at..

Me and my glamorous self

Until Next time…


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