I hate P.C.’s

15 Jan

OK, so I wanted to blog from bed. Yes, it is only 8:21 and I am in bed. I’m tired. Leave me alone. Anyways, I decided I would upload my photos onto Matt’s laptop and that was a big mistake. Now for some reason, they aren’t uploading on to my wordpress account. Whatever, I guess I’ll post them tomorrow.

I’ll do a little quickie entry so you will know about all of the deliciousness I have eaten and so I will know too.

Breakfast: no, not a Clif bar, instead I had a Special K protein bar. YUM 180 Calories (The peanut butter/chocolate ones are the BEST) and a Latte totaling to 90 Calories.

Snack: Yummy peeled mango things = 120 Calories

Lunch: Los Rancheros Grilled Chicken Salad with sour creme on the side (yes, I used the dip fork method), lettuce, salsa, and cheese (I told them light cheese but I’m pretty sure it was the normal amount) that was probably about 600 Calories? I will overestimate just to make sure. And no, I did not even have chips at my table! Woop Woop

Dinner was about 400 from Zea’s, It was delicious! I had two small pieces of pork loin and then about half of a rotisserie chicken breast (i pulled the skin off) and then my side was cabbage. It was probably the best cabbage I have ever had! Matt and I split the Meet Platter. It was a ton of meat. I was full after the little bit that I had and it was so delicious. I could have eaten that entire platter but I practiced self control.

On the way home Matt made mention of TCBY so I started looking to see how many calories they had and it is very litte. So I said stop and he was in the wrong lane and it was TOO LATE đŸ˜¦ I definitely could have used some chocolate in my life tonight. So, when I got home.. I was going to indulge myself in a skinny cow sandwich thing and you know what, that little booger was FREEZER BURNED! It was the last one too! I think Matt has been eating all of my skinny cow’s! Between the truffle bars and the sandwiches I have had 3. That little booger. I took two small bites of that sandwich and said, “I’m not wasting my calories on you!”

Took a shower, crawled into bed and got frustrated with this dumb computer. I am pretty sure I need a MAC BOOK PRO. Thank you and have a nice day.

I will post pictures tomorrow.

Oh, total calories is 1390. bye.


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