Meet my Gummy Bear Replacement!

15 Jan

Since my breakfast was only 180 calories and I actually woke up on time this morning, I figured I would treat myself to, Starbucks, my one and only vice (ok, so that’s a lie). I ordered a 90 Calorie tall non fat latte’. Today, I got Cinnamon Dolce’ 🙂  After I ordered, I noticed they had a yummy assortment of new food offerings. All organic and healthy! I discovered these yummy little guys:

Yummy Dried, Organic Mango's 1 bag=120 calories!

They come an assortment of flavors. I bought these Mango’s along with the apple kind. You can eat the entire bag and it’s kind of like eating chips.. or in my case, gummy bears. Gummy bears have many of the same characteristics that these dried fruits have. They are chewy and sweet and an addiction of mine. Well, meet my replacement!

I once got in a fender bender trying to find a green gummy bear. It’s true..and embarrassing. It’s like, “Here’s your sign!” Well, since these are all the same color, I won’t have to worry about that if I am eating them in my car. These little guys are lifesavers! They will save people’s lives!!!

My Haribo Gummy Bears will always be my first love, but these are coming in a close second. Find out more about them at

I don’t know what I am eating for lunch yet. I don’t know what I want? Any ideas?


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