Eating Clean

16 Jan

I know, it looks pretty cheesy but so far it's very informative.

A new book that I purchased today is called the “Eat-Clean Diet”. I did not buy it because it was another fad diet to go on but instead, bought it because it seemed like common sense. Why not eat the foods that God created for us rather than the ones that HUGE corporations create (SEE FOOD INC.) with ingredients from who knows where in conditions that are worse than you could imagine. Not only that but this book seemed to be haunting me. I saw it everywhere I went so I figured maybe it was trying to tell me something. Ha ha… I know, I’m weird to think that but ya never know. I have started reading it and so far, everything sounds great. You eat 6 small meals a day but it is food that is super nutritious for you. None of that prepackaged stuff, which sucks because Matt and I bought about 20 Lean Cuisine’s today. Anyways, I am excited to learn about eating clean and what exactly that means and how it is practiced. The only thing I would be worried about in this situation is that we are always on the go and this seems like it would take real planning. Let’s see what happens.

Moving on.. I want to post the pictures from yesterday’s meals just to be a good “historian” so here they are:

Yum Special K bar at 180 Calories

The peeled fruits and my latte from yesterday

Taco Salad from Los Rancheros about 600 Cal?

Matt and I split this meat plate and 2 sides. I ate the cabbage, he ate the grits.

This was my portion. I ate a little bit more chicken but not much more which makes me think that was probably about 400 cal.

So that was my day.. well, that plus 2 bites of that freezer burned skinny cow. GROSS.

TODAY was a long day but a good day.

Andrew had basketball this morning which is always entertaining (see newly posted facebook pics). We were in a hurry this morning and since Matt did not let me go to the grocery store and buy more Clif bars last night, I had to eat a Kelogg’s Fiber Plus bar. They have 120 Calories and something like 9 Grams of Fiber. They are very tasty but not as feeling as the Clif Bars.

120 Calories!We’re all about the Fiber in the Pritchard house hold. I read somewhere that people who take in more fiber lose weight but are also more likely to keep the weight off? Crap, I can’t remember where I read that. But that’s good!!!

I also ate some Peeled Snacks for breakfast because that little fiber bar did not feel me up. SO those has 110 Calories, I think? and 2 Grams of Fiber!

110 cal

By 11 O’clock I was STARVING. I was mad because I was so hungry and had a later breakfast than usual. It just goes to show you that what I ate this morning is not something I will eat again for breakfast. Lunch was almost a breaking point for me. I had been talking about 5 Guys Burgers and Fries all week to one of my co-workers, Reggie. I went in to the the gory details about how the hamburger was a sloppy, flavor infused, sinfully delicious creation more than likely meant for the God’s but somehow ended up here on Earth and for the low price of oh, I don’t know, 5 dollars.  But anyways.. Somehow Matt brought up 5 Guys and Fries today while we were headed home and I was like….”Let’s go!”

Because my darling brother lost a ton of weight while still allowing himself a weekly treat, I figured I could do the same. IT seems like he even mentioned that in one of his comments on my blog. “You should treat yourself to a hamburger or a milkshake on the weekends if you do a good job.” Well, that would be all well and good if I was actually losing weight but I weighed myself today and I was not as low as I had hoped. I hadn’t used the bathroom in a while (I know, TMI) so that could have been why but still. I was a little discouraged.

As Matt and I pulled into the parking Lot at Five Guy’s, I waited for Benji to answer the phone…”Benji, do you think it would be ok if I had a hamburger?”

“NO!”, he replied.

“But you said I could treat myself!”, I challenged, disappointed at his response and confused that he went against what he had previously said in a comment. (I obviously need his blessing in every life decision I make)

“Well, are you going to blame it on me if you gain weight because I say you can have one?”

“No!” yes…

“Well, you can, but get a kid’s hamburger.. wait, where are you going?”

“….five..guy’s…..and fries..”, worried the entire time I said that.

“Get a kids meal and no french fries!”

“And I’m not going to get bacon either..”, I replied with the self-assurance of fat girl in a two piece bathing suit.

Then, ANDRES chimed in. (Andres is my token hispanic friend that lives in TX near my bro and sis. He’s a morsel and is very wise…and should get a dog.) “If you eat a hamburger, only get a kid’s meal..where ever you go… and I like your blog”

That made me feel dandy! I did not know that boys read my blog! My husband does not even read my blog.

Well, after I received great “advice?” from my brother and his friend, Andres, I got off the phone and Matt and I looked at We found that the hamburgers without many of the fixings were 900 calories and up. I started to cry.. just kidding, but I started feeling anxious about the decision I was about to make.

Since when do I feel so guilty for eating a hamburger!? I’ll tell you.. since I made a commitment to lose weight and in doing so, would tell the world (if you are out there) all about my journey. Whether I lose 6 lbs in one week or 2 lbs in one week I’m going to do it and eating a stupid hamburger was not going to make my journey any easier so why would I put myself through that. Instead, I’m taking the road less traveled today and tomorrow.. and the next day and the day after that… and on and on an on.

SO.. no, we did not go to Five Guy’s and Fries. We went to Lenny’s instead. HA HA, I know what your thinking, “That’s not healthy!” Well, it is if you get a salad (minus the cheese) but I got the cheese and it totaled to 605 calories which is not a sin and much better compared to the monstrosity I had previously planned on eating. Oh, and I did not get dressing either. It was delicious enough on it’s own.

I did not eat any of the croutons, crackers, or sunflower seeds either.

I feel kind of like someone confessing their sins. Ha ha… ok and the beat goes on..

SOOOO Matt and I head to the grocery store where we stock up on all things healthy and delicious (yes, more skinny cows!). I bought that new book about clean foods. Will keep ya posted on that..

I ate one of those skinny cows on the way BACK to Wal-mart to get trash bags.. no wait, it was the weight watchers ice cream bars… it had 110 Calories (I think). It was DELISH.

After I got home, Matt was mad or he looked mad and this is why.. I accidently washed the entire box of fabric softener sheets in with the load of laundry I was doing. SO cardboard got all up in (great grammar) our washing machine. Matt’s dad was on his way over to help him fish them out? I don’t know why that was a two man job but it was. I think Matt was mad at me but it was an ACCIDENT. Kind of like when I went into the men’s bathroom in wal-mart today. I’m telling ya, I have A.D.D. no one believes me.

SO moving on.. Matt left and I actually cooked by myself and I thought it was so tasty. Matt said I cooked the chicken too long but I don’t really care what he thinks because I thought it was good and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that mattered at this point. I was starving (again) and created this yummy thing. I will call it Italian meets Greek Wraps. (Greek because of the low-fat Feta)

We marinated chicken in low-fat Italian dressing, sautéed that with onions and garlic. Then, In a separate pan, I sautéed zucchini, red bell pepper and spinach (a combo I learned from that feta bake).

Chicken, Onions, and Garlic

Zuchinni, Spinach and Red Bell Pepper

After it was done, I placed the contents along with some low-fat feta into these new wrap things we discovered that have 9 grams of Fiber!

90 Calories for one.

I think that is about 1 serving of Chicken.. I need to find out about how many calories this has because I do not know?

Then, to “Seal” it, I placed it into the panini maker:

Mine was not wrapped very tightly.

So that was it. It was SO delicious. Do you guys have any idea about how many calories it would have? I am thinking about 400 and then I Had a 100 calorie yogurt. I need to put everything in at so they can tell me.


I’ve also been trying to drink water like crazy. Hopefully that will pay off.

That’s the end to a long day. I know I consumed more calories that I should have. I have been so hungry today, though. My stomach has constantly been growling! OH, I found out what exactly that meant… when you hear your stomach growling.. it’s the stomach lining walls trying to break down food that is not in there! So it makes weird noises. I thought that was cool.

Ok, I’m headed to bed. Have a good night and thanks for reading.. oh yeah! I have reached over 1000 views on my blog as of today! Thanks for all of the support. IT helps me SO much! ❤

My total in calories was…1345


3 Responses to “Eating Clean”

  1. bevi January 16, 2010 at 11:28 pm #

    amanda! I was getting so anxious about Five Guys & Fries!!! It was the most descriptive story and I could just picture Benji saying that, all the while arching his eyebrows. Ashley was probably smiling beautifully in the background!!!
    But I am so proud of you and your Lenny’s decision. I think I would fancy 12:30 Tuesday being held at the same location. Okay thank you and goodbye!

  2. Nina January 17, 2010 at 12:40 am #

    The eat-clean diet book looks interesting. I hate the word diet though. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is making a whole life-style change in the way you eat. So it isn’t good to think of it as a diet but to think-I want to be healthier so I am going to change the way I eat forever. But I think you are starting to do that anyway. And yes IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FIBER. I talk about fiber all the time with people and they think I’m weird, haha. Yes I am an old woman that is obsessed with bowel movements haha. That is why I love all those high-fiber foods like Clif bars-keeps me regular.

    • flannelmondays January 19, 2010 at 10:51 am #

      You are exactly right, it is a lifestyle change. If you go on a “diet” the minute you get back to your old eating habits, you always put the weight back on.
      Girl, Fiber is my friend. I have been regular ever sense I had to go to the doctor (because I wasn’t) and she gave me Zelnorm which is a laxative. (I know this is TMI) so I have usually been regular.. but Fiber makes me even more regular! ha ha ha 🙂

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