Hamburgers and Blueberries

22 Jan

Oh boy. Today was a day. If I was going to do some eating of my emotions, today would be the day to do it. My car died. Yep. Another one bites the dust. I did not get to work until 11 today. Matt’s dad was kind enough to let us borrow his truck because he does not work and did not need it today. My car was a little old. I mean it had 260,000 miles on it. NOTE: If you do not have a car and are thinking about buying one, I would strongly recommend a honda. That’s all I will buy for the rest of my life! Or a toyota.. but they are basically cousins.

So even though I could go for a giant chocolate/peanut butter milkshake from Cheeburger Cheeburger and well, let’s go ahead and get a hamburger while we’re at it… oh and let’s not forget the delicious onion rings with RANCH please. Yes.. that would be wonderful…but even though I could go for all of that delicious comfort food, I won’t. Instead…. I had my lovely lean cuisine for lunch (260 calories) + a yogurt (60 calories) + in between breakfast and lunch a granola bar (120 cal) oh and for breakfast I actually ate something different! YAY for me!

Wow, this man has got Matt beat!


We only had one Cliff bar and I figured I’d let Matt have that and I made a smoothie.. which ended up having more calories (310) but was a nice change in flavor 🙂 This is the recipe:

1 cup of orange juice (They have this new low-cal orange juice that I found and it only has 50 calories for 1 cup)
1 packet of yogurt (I used blueberry)
1/2 cup of oatmeal (150 calories)
I think 3/4 of a cup of blueberries? (50 calories?) I can’t remember

pretty blueberries... how I love thee


THEN, you blend all of that together. It makes about 1 12 ounce cup and it is pretty filling but I was famished around 10 (hence the granola bar)

I am planning on making it again but hopefully I will have Flax seed, protein, and possibly bee pollen to add into it. That way it will be supercharged and will keep me full,regular, and healthy. Oh, and I might use skim milk next time.. the orange juice is good but it takes away from the blueberry flavor.

Ew.. bee pollen? that is weird.


So that has been my food day so far. I do not know what we have planned for tonight but I don’t think we will be eating out. AND I would just like to point out that Matt and I have not eaten out AT ALL this week! OOps, I did eat at Chick filet on Tuesday but that was it! I think that’s a record! Think of the money we saved.. and it’s a good thing too because now we have 2 cars to fix (if mine is even worth getting fixed). I’m trying to think.. and I think my average from eating out would probably be about 9 dollars a meal give or take a few.. so that’s 9x2x7.. that’s 126 bucks! for one person to eat!!!! So if Matt is about the same then that would be 252 dollars on eating out. Now, that may or may not be completely accurate but it is at least putting it into perspective.

Well, I’ll try and post pictures later 🙂 Happy FrIDaY!


2 Responses to “Hamburgers and Blueberries”

  1. Ashley January 22, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    Way to be dedicated!

  2. Nina January 22, 2010 at 7:46 pm #

    oh wow-that does sound like quite a day. I didn’t know you had a Honda but the pictures you take in the morning of the Clif bar in your car -it looked like my Honda Accord. Was it an Accord and what year? Mine is a 2000 and has 120,000-I see it lasting a LOOONNGG time. Any idea what is wrong with it? I’m hoping you can fix it!
    Along with the diet, I think you should decide to not eat out. It saves TONS of money. Trey and I never eat out. I’d say over the past couple of years-we’ve eaten out an average of once every 2 months! This is mainly out of just not having the money-you do what ya gotta do to pay the bills…

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