The last few days in pictures

25 Jan

50 cal orange juice!

blueberry smoothie

before it's blended

  • My husband helping me cut chicken.. I HATE cutting chicken! EW
  • Well, it's a wrap!

    My grilled chicken salad! talk about chicken!

    gross. never get this.

    flax seed i bought today!

    the ingredients for tonight's dinner. very simple.

    this is how my wraps turn out when I make them. flat and not totally connected


    The soup was good too. My wrap looks like grilled chicken!

    So.. I’m not going to worry about figuring out how many calories were in Saturday and Sunday.. but today there was…

    1180 for the special k cereal bar, a granola bar for a mid-morning snack, a lean cuisine, a yogurt, an orange, and turkey wrap plus soup plus another orange! give or take a few! whew!

    THis is one of my favorite pics that I took at the Celebration of Hope.. he’s even a church member. He always picks on me about wearing high heels 🙂 Mr. Ray:

    And I’ll leave you with this sweet picture.



    2 Responses to “The last few days in pictures”

    1. Ashley January 26, 2010 at 4:29 pm #

      I hate cutting chicken too! It feels too much like your cutting through your own flesh! Oh, and are you aware that the flax seed has to be milled (ground up) for its wonderful benefits to work? I didn’t know until I saw it on Oprah. Just some food for thought. You’re doing awesome!

    2. Ashley January 27, 2010 at 4:53 pm #

      I just bought some of that orange juice and I’m drinking it as we speak!

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