Doodle Boodle Noodle

28 Jan

Those were fun to say/type. I did not eat anything with noodles in it today but I did take a lot of pictures of my doodles which I will now include on my blog for the next few days. I got really bored at work today and started taking pictures of the random crap in my desk drawers. I even took a picture of the contents in the garbage can. Anything to pass the last 30 minutes of the day by, right. 🙂 You will see how random my mind works when you see some of my doodles but let’s talk food for now.

For breakfast I had yummy oatmeal. I bought the non instant kind which I KNOW is better for you, but I just don’t have anything to put in it yet, so I made some instant cinnamon roll oatmeal. It only has 140 calories and is SO tasty!

140 Calories!

(I put it in a cup, thinking I would have to eat it in the car but I had time to eat it at home since Matt takes forever to get ready.)

So then, for lunch… Well…. I had 2 pieces of string cheese for a snack today. I was so hungry and that’s only 100 calories total. THEN for lunch I had my 200 calorie pizza that I accidently burnt a little bit. I forgot that it was not frozen all of the way because I always put my lunch in the fridge.. so that is why it got burnt. OH well, I think the burnt cheese only enhanced the flavor. I probably won’t burn the cheese on purpose in the future, but this time around, it wasn’t that bad. I had an orange for “Dessert” (didn’t take a picture of it though, because my hands were too sticky to touch my camera).

200 Calories, burnt cheese and all.

Then I chewed gum for the rest of the day OH.. I almost forgot, I was STILL hungry around 2 so I ate  Kashi granola bar (130 Calories) It is a new kind that I got.. I don’t like it as much as the other kind that has the coconut and chocolate on top.. but it is still pretty tasty and satisfying.

And there was the gum chewing.. it really does satisfy your urge to chew and if your like me, sometimes you just want something in your mouth, which is why I drink so much. (NOT ALCOHOL.. water :))

5 calories a stick.. but I think you burn that off just by chewing it! HA

Then when I finally got home from picking up Matt, taking him to church and then going to pick up Andrew, getting scolded by my father in law (what’s new) and getting Andrew home, cleaning the kitchen it was about 7 before I actually ate. Which, really wasn’t that bad but I was hungry when I left at 5. SO I ate a can of soup and another blessed turkey wrap. (Yes, we STILL need to go grocery shopping). So the soup was about 200 calories.. I did not finish the whole can. Then the turkey wrap was also about 200 calories (I did not use as much turkey tonight). So that’s 400 calories for dinner and I am actually full for the first time today. Halleighluyer! 🙂

About 400 calories in all.

Then, after Andrew read his book, he and I spent a little time together watching his latest obsession, Lord of the Rings. Like father, like son, right? I could go for something sweet right about now… we are out of everything so I might just drink a cup of ORANGE juice. he he he.


I have no idea why I did not rotate these pictures. I draw bunnies a lot.

So my total in calories for the day is….1070 Wow, I may not have added right… I thought I ate a lot today? Well GOOD. I’ve been losing weight more this week for some reason? I’ll just go ahead and tell instead of waiting until Monday. Monday 2 lbs, Tuesday 2 lbs, Wednesday 1 lbs, and Today 2lbs that’s 7 lbs thus far! I’m have not even excercised!?! WOO HOO, baby. I’m finally ate the weight that I was a year ago but I want to be a size 10 as you all well know and I haven’t been since I was in the 9th grade. I don’t even know what a size 10 will look like on me but I think I’ll like it and I’m not stopping until I get there.

Oh, I designed this for 4th Qtr. Seasonal Defense. It was created by a local dietitian, named Leslie. She works at SMC and is trying to get this stuff to really take off. I’m so happy to get to be a part of it! This is from her brochure (one of the random things I took pictures of today) This is Ollie, he’s kind of like the mascot of 4th Qtr. and then those are his germ friends which he can come into contact with because he is geared up and his immune system is STRONG from taking 4th Qtr.! I recommend getting it. I think they sell it at Health Hut. 🙂

After all, this blog was originally intended to show graphic design stuff and I haven’t really been doing that SO I will try and start showing more of it in my blog in addition to all of the calorie counting and weight-loss fun. Thanks for reading! xoxox


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