Lickity Split

3 Feb

I am watching McClintock again because I didn’t finish it the other night so I’m going to make this short and sweet.

Today, I had pretty much the same thing that I had yesterday. I’m sorry… I am really looking forward to going to the grocery store. I have so many recipes that I want to try and I am actually get tired of my Turkey Sandwiches!

Breakfast was a clif bar (270)

Snack – CHeese and Wheat thins (190)

Lunch – Turkey Sandwich (200) and Nutrigrain Bar (130)

Dinner – Roast (again) I’m not going to make any more roast. It is so bad for you and it made my stomach hurt after I ate it. Just look at all of the fat. I’m going to say it was probably about 500-600 Calories.

It looked like it would be good.

I measured it out 🙂 About a cup.


This is all of the fat left over after I took the roast out.

I also ate about 1/4 cup of mixed roasted nuts. That is probably somewhere around 130 Calories. They sure were good though.

So that’s about….1470 Calories. DANG. Good thing I worked out today. I did not mean to eat that much! 😦

Ok, I’m outta here!


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