Lost and Chocolate

3 Feb

Oops. I did not post yesterday. That is the first weekday post that I missed. t 😦 I won’t let it happen again! Trust me, you didn’t miss much. I basically ate the same thing yesterday (Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2010) that I ate on Monday. It goes as follows:

Bfast: Clif Bar – 270 Calories

Mid Mo Snack: Kashi Granola Bar – 130 Calories

12:30 Tues: Turkey Sandwich (200), Carrots (about 100), & 2 String Cheeses (100)

Dinner: Leftovers from Monday night (Veggies and Chicken) – about 400 Calories.

So that’s 1070 Calories. OH MY GOSH, not it’s not it’s 1210 .. I forgot.. Last night, Lost was on.. and Aunt Flow is in town. (Sorry for the TMI factor) Ladies, you all know that we all need chocolate once a month for this very reason so I’m sorry, but I helped myself to 2 Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies. You are probably wondering why I had these in my house. I was supposed to dispose of them a lonnnnnng time ago. Well.. I figured every now and then you need a little treat + my mom gave them to me in my stocking at Christmas time which was a coming of age moment for me. You don’t understand these particular kind of cookies when I was growing up were referred to as “Grown-Up Cookies” This alias was merely created so that my mom would have an excuse not to give them to us. So the fact that my mom gave them to me in my stocking was a big deal. (Not really.. just kind of cute, we all know I am no grown-up.)

YUM 2 = 140 Calories!

2 of them have 140 Calories so 2 is all I ate. Trust me, I wanted to eat the ENTIRE bag.

Oh, Lost was amazing and even more confusing than before and I had no idea that was even possible. How they will ever wrap this season up is beyond me but it’s going to be good. It will be sad to see Sawyer go though and Sayed is the first middle eastern looking guy that I’ve ever had a crush on. Sigh. Oh well, I think all LOST fans are ready for it to end but it will be bitter sweet.

Last Season 😦


I love his nick names for people! Hmm... I wonder what he would call me.

I love his smartness. He is a bad soldier boy nerd.


AND I don’t have any pictures of food from yesterday because I didn’t take any. I can’t believe I didn’t take any at the picnic either. The ladies who lunch ate at municipal park for lunch. It was beautiful outside!

In recent news, I went to cottage hill park again today. I only had time for 2.8 miles again but I did run more.. I just got there later because I had to take Matt’s guitars by the church first. I like when running is fun and it was today. I’ve noticed that when I run, I look down and count the steps from one crack in the sidewalk to the next.. I find this discouraging and monotonous.. So the last leg of the run/walk, I picked my head up and thought, “Hey, I really am tall”. I kept my eyes on the horizon and felt like I was flying. That is how running is supposed to feel. Now, if I can just get it to feel that way for 3 miles, then we’ll be in good shape (no pun intended).

I will write tonight and I will post pictures. I made another roast today. THEY ARE JUST SO EASY! You put it in the crock pot and set it and forget it. Please tell me how to do a whole chicken. I have never even bought an whole chicken before. The bones scare me. I want to do a chicken though with veggies… it will be much healthier. So let me know if you know how to. Ok? Thanks and have a nice day, Love Amanda.


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