Sugar and Spice

4 Feb

and everything nice. Well, we had taco soup tonight. I’m pretty sure it was 10 times more spicy than last time. I could not even eat it all. There are only 200 calories per cup and I started out with 2 cups and could only finish one. So for dessert, I ate a sweet Fiber One Bar (140 Calories, 9 G of Fiber!). It was delicious and cut the spicy taste that was lingering in my hot mouth!

200 calories + 20 for the lowfat sour cream

(Please notice my lovely newly upholstered chairs that I redid :))


For Dessert:

140 Calories 9 grams of Fiber!

I’m sorry, I am going backwards again but I just ate dinner so it’s fresh on my mind. I will most likely be having taco soup for lunch tomorrow, FYI. Sorry to be so boring with my food. DUde, I can’t wait to make some new recipes! We are going to the store tomorrow night, or saturday? I don’t really know.

This weekend is META at our church which is a deciple now sort of retreat thing. It is always a great time to get refocused and serve the community/worship with friends and all of that jazz. Matt and I will be helping out where ever we can. It seems like in the past, I have not be completely committed to the entire weekend for this reason or that reason.. but I want to be this weekend. In the past, I have loved hearing the testimonies of those people who have participated.  The testimonies people share show that each person whether a youth or adult, have different reactions to the weekend and it really rocks my socks off! God speaks to everyone differently and their testimonies really encourage everyone around them. It’s such an uplifting weekend. I’m happy I can really be a part of it this year. Anywho! I’m going to work hard to eat healthy this weekend by taking healthy snacks.. that way I won’t get too hungry and binge when I finally get dinner. I may have to bring some lean cuisines or something because I’m not sure if we’ll be eating with everyone there and if we are.. well.. they have fun food.. not healthy food which is great! But I am trying to avoid that. It’s all good in the hood (I once said that to a little black boy and felt so bad. I was afraid he would think I said that to him because he was black.. but I really say that to everyone. I am colorblind, fool)

Random doodle number 35

OH yeah.. I totally went off on a tangent. Basically, please know that I probably will not get to write tomorrow or any this weekend so.. I shall miss my little keyboard! I will be have though.. I’ve worked too hard to fall off of the wagon now!

SO for lunch, well… I ate out. I didn’t mean to but we were out of cheese at home and I could not dare eat left over pot roast. Matt made his lunch because he does not have to have cheese with his sandwich but then he left it in the car so I just opted to go have lunch with him and that is what we did.

I was trying to think of something.. anything that we could eat downtown that would be healthy. There is always subway but suggesting subway to Matt is like blasphemy in our family. He would only eat there if that was the only place to eat in the world and then he would probably get triple meat. He is a Lenny’s loyalist. I would be too, but Lenny’s only has about half of the veggies that subway has 😦 (Sorry, Lenny’s)

SO I suggested cafe 219. They have very good wraps and I knew that wraps would be the lesser evil down town. SO that is where we went. I love cafe 219. THe people that work there are so friendly and they always have cool art hanging on the walls.

SO I got the mexican wrap. It is grilled chicken, salsa, tomato, lettuce, cheese and sour cream (note, there is really not much of any one ingredient in this wrap so while I did ask for sour cream on the side, they forgot to do that but there wasn’t that much in the wrap so it was ok). SO I think the wrap with my side salad that I had probably all together was 600 calories. Maybe more, maybe less. But I really did not feel guilty about eating it. It was so satisfying!

600 Calories?


It was so good. Eat there if you haven’t. I strongly suggest the Egg Plant Panini… it is to die for! IT is fried though, so I did not get it this time around 😦

For breakfast I had a Clif Bar (260 Cal)

For a snack I had a Nutrigrain bar (130 Cal)

So the total is….1330 GOLLY! I need to simmer down or go make myself throw up. I know that is because I ate out today. See what happens when you eat out.. stupid delicious, heavenly wrap. How I loath you.

Ok…. I’m gonna dip like a chip! HEY – TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! 🙂

Random doodle number 487


Andrew and Domino = FUN!

I think the above picture is hilarious! I love it. I sometimes use Domino to wake Andrew up in the morning and they love on one another. It is so sweet. This was after I turned the light on. BEHOLD.. THE HAIR! Andrew was right.. there are monsters in the closet… HAIR monsters!


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