Gravity Wants to Bring Me Down

8 Feb

Not really. I am flying high but Matt is playing that on the guitar right now and it is hot. OHHHHH GRAVITY! STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM ME! Ok.. I’m done.

Grace's scary baby doll. UGH. Shiver me timbers! 0 Calories.


Just got home from watching my girl, Lindsey play some soccer. Now I wanna play. I’ve never played soccer in my LIFE and would probably spend most of the time rollin’ around on the ground but it really is fun to watch. I wanted to jump down on to the field and help them. She did well, though! It was fun to go to a game too kind of reminiscent of high school times 🙂 I refuse to go to any home games at my school. It’s weird. I don’t know why? I will be going to the MGM/MURPHY soccer game.. and will sit on the MURPHY side. Mainly because I don’t know anyone on the MGM side and I hate seeing people I know. It’s always awkward and that is most likely my fault. I make it awkward because I am awkward? I’m a nerd. Yeah.

SO I have confessions from this weekend. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Did you really think I would make it through the Senior Bowl weekend without having at least 1 tortilla chip? 1 chocolatey dessert? Well, if you did.. thanks but I’m afraid I let you down. I’m not beating myself up over it because if you fall off of the horse (which I didn’t. I slid off.. I wanted to “cheat” I felt like I deserved it, dang it!) then you hop right back on. It’s not a big deal. You don’t throw in the towel and give up.. just like those girls tonight at the soccer game (the score was 7 to 0 and St.Paul’s, the 2009 State Champs, were in the lead). I thought the intensity only got greater as the game continued. Murphy did not give up, but played even harder (probably from fear of their coach and his suicide mission at practice tomorrow) ANYWAYS… I digress (as usual) SQUIRREL! Ok.. 

So I made yummy Pioneer Woman homemade salsa yesterday. Much better today than yesterday since the flavors marinated over night. We also took Queso (from los rancheros) and that is one of my favorites so I had to eat some of that because I needed to make sure it was edible. Well, it was so I ate more and more. MICHELLE at church brought beautiful giant cupcakes sporting the saints fleur-de-lis and “who dat” painted on them in delicious frosting. I could not resist so I ate one of those.. it probably had 500 calories in it.. and then all of the little cocktail sausages I ate and 5 layer bean dip was more than likely another 500 calories.. wow.. in one sitting I ate the amount of calories that I normally try to eat in one day. Good thing I went to the park today 🙂

Thats the homemade salsa that I made!

Yes.. I ate one. Don't judge me.

They are so pretty! Not standard size. They are about the size of my fist.. I have big hands too.

This was after I had already eaten a little bit.. again, don't judge me..

This is Julianna. She is my NEW friend.


Speaking of the park. I ran into a friend of mine that I use to go to church with, Amy Blackman (Amy, I don’t remember your married name). She is a vision! She started running in September and is running a half marathon this Sunday in B-ham! ROCK ON! If that’s not inspiration then I don’t know what is. That is only….about 4 months or something. A HALF MARATHON. I am amazed. AND in her journey she has lost 20 lbs! Her husband who is also running with her (Awww) has lost 80 in a year. They should be blogging about their journey.. because they obviously know what they are doing! (Amy reads my blog which made me feel really good! Thanks, Amy it was good to see you today.)

TODAY I had my usual Clif Bar which was 260 Calories. I think I’ve decided that the peanut butter one is my favorite.

I had a Kashi bar for a snack and it was 120 Calories.

120 Calories


For lunch, I had a lean Cuisine att 330 Calories and an Orange at about 100.

330 cal. I think this is my favorite lean cuisine. IT's DELISH!

About 100 (you can see above the orange where I write down my cal in take throughout the day)


I did have a grande nonfat vanilla latte which I believe is probably about 200 Calories which completely cancels out my work out. I asked for a tall but Serda’s tall is a starbuck’s grade. DANG IT. It did help in keeping me warm at the soccer game, though, which is the main reason I wanted it.

When I got home I overindulged in a little fruit. I ate like 3 cups of it, I’m sure. Who knows how many calories that is but it was more than I needed. Darn again! I’m just going to say 230 because I feel like it?

I don't know.. 230?


Dinner was the California PIzza kitchen Margherita pizza. SO GOOD. It comes in a single serving that is 450 calories and worth every single one. MMMMM!

I only ate one. Matt ate the other. I love pizza. 450 cal

Up close and personal.


So that’s all for me. I’m not eating anymore even though I have skinny cows in the freezer. I guess if I’m going to ever be a skinny cow, I have to stop somewhere. Stupid GRANDE LATTE that I should not have eaten. OH well. Ca Sera or how ever that is spelled?!

OH YEAH! I almost forgot about telling you how much I lost this past week!?!?  3 lbs. Which brings me to 20 lbs in all. WOOP WOOP. I really think I have lost more. This will be too much info so if you don’t want to know about my bowel movements then stop reading now.

I was not able to use #2 all weekend, pretty much and it is not from lack of fiber! I had a ton of fiber.. more than the daily amount, I’m sure. I made up for it today, though.. I went 3 times. I don’t know what it is!? So I think I might be 2 or 3 lbs lighter tomorrow.. which is fine by me! I am almost at my premarried weight! woot woot! 🙂 I’m sorry to share all of that with you but it’s important when you are trying to lose weight! A single grain of rice can tip the scale. (what movie?)

TOTAL CALORIES FOR TODAY: 1700??????? WHAT!? Someone please tell me I added wrong. That is ridiculous. I’m going to make myself throw up RIGHT NOW! just kidding but I want to. STUPID LATTE AND FRUIT!

Gum actually causes me to drink more water.. the pina colada kind is my new favorite!


4 Responses to “Gravity Wants to Bring Me Down”

  1. Katy February 9, 2010 at 3:15 pm #

    That quote was from Mulan.. I think.. I can see the emperor saying it. And you make me laugh. Congrats on 20 pounds! That’s amazing!

    –Katy aka Ariel(from Bunko)

    • flannelmondays February 9, 2010 at 4:03 pm #

      Of course you would know the answer to that 😉 Ms. Ariel! You are right. I wish I was ethnic so I could be in your princess club. Mulan and Pocahontas are my favorites! Thanks!

  2. Katy February 10, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    Um, this little pale girl is definitely not ethic looking. Ha!

    • flannelmondays February 10, 2010 at 4:00 pm #

      Yes, but I would have to be ethnic looking to be Mulan or Pocahontas. Ariel is pale, isn’t she? She’s red headed and never gets it he sun.. until she goes on shore… I’ve accepted my pale skin. I like it more than I like tanning in a tanning bed. So it’s a trade off 😉

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