Being a “Grown Up” SUCKS!

12 Feb

Yesterday I ate…

Oatmeal 180 Cal

Fiber One Bar 140 Cal

Lean Cuisine 330 Cal + Orange 100 Cal

Fiber One Bar 140 Cal

Dinner OUT again ( I feel like such a hypocrite after writing a long post about not eating out and then it seems as though we have been out late every night and have not eaten at home) Well, at least it was subway? 280 Cal

Total: 1170

I didn’t meant to not post yesterday but it seems that my tiredness got the better of me. I got so tired from being so excited about the SNOW that was not outside my window this morning. I even had a dream about going and telling Andrew that it had snowed. Then.. when I looked out the window.. nothing.

This is me when I saw outside the window.. and now this is me because it IS SNOWING and I am stuck at work! 😦

Meanwhile, my brother who lives in Fort Worth, Texas has gotten 12 inches of snow and made an 8 foot snow man. I am so jealous! Maybe we’ll get our snow tonight? If it starts snowing today, we are going to play in it as long as we can.



This weekend I have so much going on. Saturday, especially. My cousin is having her baby shower and then I am having my gal pals over for a Valentine’s girl’s night! I foresee chocolate in my future. Matt is going to be gone all weekend doing a D-Now. We are going to go see the Valentine’s Day movie 🙂 and I am going to cook Cajun Chicken Pasta! YUM. Trying to think of a Dessert I can make? Hmmmmmm.

Today so far all I have had is a Clif Bar 260 Cal

But I will be having a fiber one bar 140 cal

a Lean Cuisine 270 cal + an Orange 100 cal

I WILL be cooking SOMETHING for dinner since I have eaten out WAY too much this week. I haven’t decided what yet, but it will probably be something with chicken. Hmmm.. Maybe I’ll make chicken with classico tomato sauce and whole grain penne pasta? That sounds good.. but I’m having pasta tomorrow so maybe I’ll just make baked chicken and veggies? I DON’T KNOW! AHHHH We are going to go see the Valentine’s Day movie as well. F-U-N!



I bought “Cooking Light” yesterday. There are a ton of recipes all under 400 calories in that magazine. I would strongly recommend you purchasing it if you haven’t already. I wish I ate fish because I saw some recipes using fish that looked really good. I just need to MAKE myself eat it. I tasted some salmon like 2 weeks ago and it was just ok. Not my favorite… in fact, I’m not sure how people can willingly eat it. What’s with that weird fishy taste? What fish can I eat that does not have that?

I also want to start eating sushi because I think that might be healthy but I am afraid of raw anything.. so I will have to eat the cooked kind which might not be considered “real” sushi? I donno. So much to do, so much to do.

Oh and by the way.. I fit into some skinny jeans today.. the ones that are size 16 but still too small. Yes. Unfortunately, I squeezed into them so they do not fit me like I would like for them to but I was not able to even button them last time I tried them on! YAY. I must have been a real size 18 but somehow was still fitting into stuff that was a size 16. I have not lost very much weight this week. I feel discouraged.. I need to kick it up a notch!

This is how I feel today.


Anyways.. that’s all for today. Happy Valentine’s Weekend 🙂

OH.. It is snowing now! YAY!!! Too bad I’m stuck at work. I don’t like being a “grown-up”.

These are some logos I designed for my sis-n-law’s sewing business. Which one should she use?

Tell us which one she should use?



3 Responses to “Being a “Grown Up” SUCKS!”

  1. Ashley February 12, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    I LOVE my logos! Thanks for taking the time to make them! I think I will go with the one on the top left, and I don’t want to change the colors or anything!

  2. bevismiles February 14, 2010 at 9:55 pm #

    i thought the top left as well. i love sewing. i have carla’s machine right now and i really don’t want to let her have it back 😦

  3. Katherine Heath February 15, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    Tilapia is a good fish to eat that does not taste fishy. Really most any white fish (Grouper, Mahi Mahi, Tilapia) are all pretty mild. If you season it right you won’t even know you are eating fish! We missed you at Bunco on Friday! Also on the sushi front, I don’t like any of the raw stuff either, but the Philly Rolls, California Rolls, and Spider Rolls are all super good and all cooked! You should start there! How was the Cajun pasta?

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