18 Feb

And no.. this dutch oven is not when someone passes gas under the covers. This is THE REAL THANG. Anywho. My mom gave it to me and I could not be more excited. (Note.. I never thought I would get excited about cooking ware) Since PW has opened my eyes to how great cooking can be I have wanted to cook every night! It is so much fun. I just wish she had healthier recipes. She is the reason I made that chocolate pie. Dang it. OH well.

Today I have done well. I had a Fiber one bar for breakfast 140 (and snack 140)

Then, I went to lunch with my grandparents and mom. We went to Cracker Barrel and I got the chicken tenderloin dinner with green beans and turnips. All together (I got the smaller platter) about 450 Calories? I don’t know really know. Maybe even less. 

Tonight I am cooking tACo soup yet again. It is my go to dinner when I don’t know what else to make and since I spent so much time last night cooking, I wanted something quick and easy.

Browning the ground turkey with the onions


These were a great value!

the heterogeneous mixture simmering

I love taco soup!

OH! Did you know that PEZ only has 35 calories per packet? Well, I did. So today I had some PEZ. I only had one pack.. so that’s 35 calories.

An Oldie but a Goodie!



I think PEZ could partially be held responsible for the amount of people that are now addicted to prescription drugs? I mean.. it looks like a pill. I’m just saying. And what does PEZ mean anyway? It reminds me of the Rescuer’s Down Under.. when the little boy is in trouble and they send help with their little messages that say RAZ RAZ RAZ.. I guess that was their form of SOS? ANywho.. I digress.

Love that movie!


Well, I bought Julie and Julia today. That movie was the movie that inspired me to start a blog in the first place. It is one of my new favorites, I think. My new Pride and prejudice (I watch that movie about once a month). So I am going to watch it while I eat my taco soup (300-400 calories depending on the number of servings)

If you have not seen it.. watch it! Best Buy has it for 10 bucks!


SO SIANARA! (or however that is spelled)


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