Weekend Food

21 Feb

Friday Night: Chicken Fajita Salad from Los Rancheros (Sour Cream and light light cheese) I did eat chips 😦

Saturday Morning: 2 sausage patties from mcdonalds (i know, i know)

My dad’s birthday is today but we celebrated it yesterday so my mom made a huge pan of lasagna and a yummy yellow cake with buttercream icing and cream cheese filling. Yes, I allowed myself to have both 1 smaller (compared to the past) piece of lasagna and a smaller (compared to the past) piece of cake. It was SO good. I think I could have eaten that ENTIRE CAKE oh yeah.. and I had one small scoop of vanilla ice cream. SINFUL, I say.. SINFUL!

Saturday night, I had left over Taco Soup.. it was delicious. I love it! I know I make it a lot but if I like it, and it’s healthy and easy.. why wouldn’t I make it a lot?

Sunday Morning – Clif Bar

Sunday Lunch – Delicious “Grown-Up” Grilled Cheese! (400 calories) I ate some grapes too.. YUM

Sunday Dinner – Bean Tacos. These were SO good.. I ate 2 which was a mistake but I liked them SO much! they had 361 Calories each.. so that’s well, alot.

So that was pretty much my weekend meals. I was going to post pictures of the grown up grilled cheese and taco but ran out of room of my hard drive. 😦

Tomorrow I WILL be going to the park, dang it!

Ok, that’s all 🙂


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