Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

26 Feb

Tonight, the ladies who lunch and I are going to a hockey game to celebrate our dear friend Mary’s birthday!  She is from Maine so she likes hockey. Actually, she likes EVERY Sport. For all of you men sports lover’s out there.. Mary would make the perfect wife for you. Just think, she would never complain about you watching football on Saturdays because she’d be right there with you watching! Anyways, I like watching the fights in hockey, I guess. I would really like to go ice skating. When I watch the olympic figure skaters, I just KNOW that I can do what they do. They make it look so effortless. I think the last time I went ice skating was in 5th or 6th grade with my friend, Tiffany Toomey. I do remember falling… more than once.

Hmm, I wonder what the mascot will look like?


Since I know I will not be posting tonight I will go ahead and post now. For breakfast, I had the usual peanut butter clif bar at 260 calories and a 90 calorie latte (YUM). My mid-morning snack was a scrumptuous combination of 50 calorie string cheese and a 60 calorie yogurt. The perfect combination of salty and sweet! 

After finding fabulous Giani Bini shoes for 17 dollars at Dillards (despite the fact that my foot barely fit into them and yes they have a 4 inch heal), I moseyed over to Chick-fil-a and got the chargrilled fruit salad with dressing on the side. It was delicious but the apples tasted fermented? EW. I prefer the southwest chicken salad, for sure.  I did not even eat the entire salad so it may be less than 230 but that plus dressing is 280 for lunch.. that is great! Especially since I think we are eating mexican/indian food tonight at some place called the Clay Pot over in MS. They specialize in both indian food and mexican food. This should be interesting 🙂

+ about 50 calories worth of ranch dressing? maybe more/less?

Since the place we are going tonight will have indian food and mexican food, I think I’ll end up getting the chicken fajita salad. I have not had any good experiences with Indian food (I’ve only eaten it once.. must have gotten the wrong thing). I don’t like curry and I don’t like hard boiled eggs in curry. That is just disgusting! It makes me want to hurl just thinking about it. Moving on…

Tomorrow I have a wedding and birthday to attend… I am thinking I will allow myself one small piece of wedding cake and will try to forego the b-day cake even though it is going to be from pollman’s 😦 As far as the wedding goes, I better choose wisely, what with the grooms cake usually being chocolate and the yummy wedding cake in all it’s butter cream gloriousness. Decisions decisions!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


2 Responses to “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend”

  1. Nina February 26, 2010 at 7:05 pm #

    ohhh You know Trey loves hockey, we’ve been wanting to go see the Surge play. I know we ice skated at that coliseum before. You weren’t with us? I know a big group went…I am imagining you there for some reason. I hope you have fun! Tell me if it was good and if it is worth going!

    • flannelmondays March 1, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

      It was fun. I am no hockey critic so I do not know if Trae would like it or not but I thought it was fun.. something different to do, ya know. 🙂

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