1 Mar

First let me say there are not photos in this entry but there are going to be a whole lotta pictures coming your way this evening. K. Smith was kind enough to install a new 1 terabyte hard drive on my computer. THANK YOU KEV! Now I am a no limit solider. Until my Mac dies, that is. I’ve had it since my sophomore year of college with like one OS update (again, thanks to kev) He is our go to Mac Man. Hmm, there should definitely be a theme song to go along with that title.

Even though I have not been able to post pics, I have continued to take them so there will be alot.

Let’s talk about today, though.

TODAY I have had a peanut butter clif bar (260), A nonfat 3 splenda latte (90), by the way, i found out that the tall nonfat cinnamon dolce latte had more than 90 calories in it. it was only 90 calories if you got sugar free syrup which I did not.. so it was probably more like 120 calories. i feel so.. so… um.. WRONG. Then I had 100 calorie pack of almonds dusted with dark chocolate bits. (100) then for lunch, I had a 6 inch Turkey on Wheat with the following deliciousness: lettuce, spinach, pickles, purple onion, bell pepper, salt and pepper, and oil and vinegar (that was a mistake). YUM so that, according to subway is 280 calories. + an 80 calorie strawberry yogurt. I almost ate the baked barbecue chips. Those had 140 calories but I said, “NO! I shall not and will not exceed my aforementioned calorie allowance.” So I didn’t.

BUT with that said, a friend of a friend said that instead of counting calories per day, multiply the set amount by the number of days in a week (7) and then measure you calorie intake like that..My alloted amount would be 7700 (and yes, I did just use a calculator) that way if you are “bad” one day you can be “gooder” the other days. Or something like that? I think I try and do that subconsciously but it doesn’t always work but then.. me trying to do something subconsciously would be more trying to do something consciously so of course it would not work! I’m sorry I am so weird and yes, I know that gooder is not a word. I may have graduated from MGM but c’mon give me a little credit?

Tonight is Andrew’s end of the season b-ball thing? I will be eating the other half of my subway because If I wait to eat when I get home I will eat everything in sight. I don’t like getting home late. I like leaving work and going straight home. It makes me happy and I feel like I have more time to be a home body. Which I never get to be. GRR

Did I mention that I love Fiber? Cause I do. Oh, and Domino said hi. He is still up for adoption but I don’t want anyone to adopt him, so I’m not pushing the subject. Now that Matt has big boy allergy meds, I think we will be ok.

So until next time… which will most likely be tonight with all of my photos!

Oh and another thing, I am happily accepting invitations to take portraits of whomever whenever for the low price of.. well, that’s up for discussion. So far, I have one customer.. with 4 kids 🙂 I will be taking Easter portraits. There will be m&m’s and bribery hopefully the pics will turn out. I’ll post them when I take them.




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