Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

10 Mar

Will be made tonight. I am making them for my co-worker and I know that after getting home from church tonight and after baking those boogers, there is no way I am going to feel like blogging so I’m just doing it now.

First.. let me just show you what these babies look like.. they are beautiful! 

Probably around 200-300 calories each?

Mmm look at that thick chocolate! DELISH

This is a PW recipe (of course). All things sinfully delicious come from her website. You can find the recipe here. Now, I know these are not healthy but they are not for me so while I would normally eat about three a day.. I am only going to allow myself one. Yes, one. 2 is not a winner and three no one remembers (sorry for the nellie reference there) I am pretty sure if I had three of these bad boys, I would remember.. and so would all of you! HA.

Meanwhile, back to the diet.. My ladies who lunch friends and I have decided to drink nothing but water this week. I have been drinking mostly water anyway, but I do allow myself a diet coke at lunch and the occasional latte or green tea. I don’t think green tea is bad for you but we said nothing but water and that is what we are doing. My friend, Bevin said that her friend, Tim  a use to be trainer and nutritional know it all (in a good way) said that if you drink nothing but water in one week you can lose up to or at least 8 lbs. I can’t remember which? Assuming this is if you haven’t been drinking water all along. So far.. I lost the three pounds I supposedly gained back this past weekend which was cool.. but I’m not sure if I will be able to lose 8 lbs. But here’s hoping.

Today I have had the usual clif bar (260), A Fiber One bar (130), A quesadilla lean cuisine (280) and an orange (100). For dinner, I’m thinking Subway because I am certain that we will not get home until later and I don’t want to end up bingeing out on those cupcakes! So if I eat a 6 inch that’s 280 cal and if I eat the footlong that’s 560 cal… hmmmmm For a total of… well.. to stay under the 1100 mark (and because I KNOW I will be having a cupcake) I am going to eat the six inch.. and that will leave me at 1050 pre cupcake. WOO HOO. Maybe I won’t eat the cupcake at all. Stupid cupcake! GRRR

By the way, LOST was amazing lastnight. I never thought I would say this but.. I did not want Ben to die. I feel sorry for him! Kind of like Gollum from Lord of The Rings. He was on of my favorite characters. The Island was Ben’s ring. I mean, he killed his own daughter because of that island! It or the power that he got from the island had a strong hold over his life! Um.. ok… I’ll stop..

0 Calories


Today my boss said I was getting skinny! That always makes me feel good. Then a sales person that works here said it too. I really just think it’s the jeans I am wearing.. they are skinny jeans. I’m still a size 16 and that makes me sad.. but I think I was an 18 to begin with so…. progress is progress. I think when I’m a 14 I will finally feel like I’ve accomplished something.

So that’s all for now.


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