Beef and Bunny

18 Mar

I just ate a Sloppy Joe that had 202 Calories. Not sure if that includes the bun.. I think it does.. So that plus cheese is only about 242 calories (I used Low fat cheese) The serving size is 1/4 of a cup.. but it really is plenty. If it’s not, add a side of green beans and you should be good. I wanted to eat 2 but mainly because they were so tasty! You can find the recipe HERE. I bought some sort of Sara Lee wheat buns. THey had 6 grams of FIBER, which is pretty great.. and they were only 60 calories! Yeah, I just bought em down yonder at that there food tiger in semmes! Yee Haw! Here are the pictures:

This is a cool pampered chef gadget!

This is what Andrew apparently looks like while blessing the food.

Well, hello there.

They don't call them sloppy joe's for nothing!


Today for breakfast I had a clif bar, naturally. Then I ate a delicious fiber one bar for a snack.. some almonds here and there and for lunch I had Lennys a #14 + 140 Calorie Baked BBQ Chips (in all about 620 calories 😦 I really didn’t want to go to Lenny’s but I mainly went for the social time! I think I am going to start buying all of that stuff to make my own turkey sandwiches! Spinach, Turkey, Pickles, bell pepper… then, I won’t have to buy a 5 dollar sandwich.. I can just make it at home! DUH. It’s not just Lennys, yesterday I spent about 9 bucks at Subway. That’s a little ridiculous.

Tonight has been nice. We have Andrew and actually got home before 7 o’clock.. or 8 or even 9 which is rare. I felt like we were a normal family for once. WE actually got to cook while Andrew did his homework and we got to sit down together and eat. That’s the way it should be. But NOOOO we have stuff going on almost every night of the week. IT makes me a little bitter, just to be honest. Not that it is all about me.. and I know that many of the things we participate in are by choice but my goodness! I feel like we just go all the time. It’s not healthy and it’s something I think we should remedy. We can’t be involved in EVERYTHING. It should be this way: GOD, FAMILY, then extracurricular activities. I’m just on my soap box.. getting down now, thanks and sorry.

By the way.. if no one adopts my dear Domino, Matt is going to make me give him to B&B Pet Stop and I just don’t know if I can handle a stranger buying him! It makes me tear up every time I think about it! Just look at his beautiful face.. don’t you want his sweet cuddly self in your home. He is the sweetest bunny. He doesn’t bite. He just loves be petted and he enjoys playing in the pine straw outside. 🙂


So tomorrow I have a softball game. I am excited! I actually got a base hit last game! It was only a practice game, though. I’m not a very good batter. Apparently, I swing up towards the ball instead of waiting for the ball to come to me. I also accidently spin all the way around sometimes. I don’t know how this happens. No one else does that. Why do I? I guess I just swing that hard. HA. Anyways, I should be taking pictures of the game and will post some! FUN.

Saturday is our little NOLA trip. I WILL eat good food and WILL partake in bingets. Thank you and have a nice day, LOVE AManda.



One Response to “Beef and Bunny”

  1. Ashley March 19, 2010 at 1:21 pm #

    Love the pic of Andrew! It looks like he is trying so hard to bless the food!

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