ATR Summary

29 Mar

I’ll make this quick.

I have not really lost anymore weight. I don’t know what the deal is. Is this what a plateau is like? Hmm I like valleys better.

This past weekend, as you know was the Azalea Trail Run. The first run I have ever participated in. I was really nervous about it. I had a few friends that were going to run but they were no where to be found and my husband dropped me off so I could go to the starting line. I was all alone in a sea of nikes.

As I walked to the starting line, I saw runners around me warming up.. getting their “sea legs”. I had not warmed up at all.. I hadn’t even stretched! “Why am I here, again?”, I thought to myself while the butterflies flapped their wings in my stomach. I was so anxious the feeling reminded me of when I played basketball and the coach said, “Baseline!”(That meant suicides or sweet sixteens).

When I got to the starting line.. I did stretch… probably not as much as I should have but I was distracted by all of the pretty muscles. I continued to look around for my friend, Mary… I looked in front of me because I thought she would be with the fast people. She later told me that she likes to do the passing.. she doesn’t like getting passed.. so that’s why she was behind the slow people. That made me feel good. HA.

We sang the national anthem and then… it was time. I could not understand what the emcee said up front at the starting line but the mob began moving forward and that meant people had already started their running adventure far ahead of me. The winner, John Kemboi, a 19 year kid from Kenya, would be finishing his 6.2 miles (in 27.59 seconds) just as I finished my 2.2 miles.

Please notice how thin his legs are!


As I was running, I set goals for myself. First, it was the one mile marker. I was not even sure if that was possible because when I run on my lunch breaks at Cottage Hill Park, I walk and run so I have not even ran a mile without stopping in quite some time.

After I reached my first goal, I said, “Just run to Old can make it that far.” So I did.. and when I got to Old Government, I said, “Just run to Fulton.” so I did.. then I ran all the way to Dauphin Street and I just kept running! I ran all the way to the School of Math and Science (if I remember correctly) and that was 5 miles! I had made it.. well, almost. That had been my latest goal that was set while I was running. I wanted to be able to say that I had run 5 miles without walking! Well, I reached that goal and was done with setting goals. I decided to walk for a bit. Well, anyone who runs knows that when you run for that long and begin walking, your legs don’t want to walk! They want to run! So it was a tad uncomfortable at first and only lasted for about a quarter of a mile. So, I picked up the pace a bit and finished out the race. I had hoped that Matt would have gotten me crossing the finish line.. but he was a little misguided because the finish line did not have the huge FINISH LINE sign hanging over it. That is where he stood, and did not get my sprint to the finish. It’s ok though because there will definitely be more races. Sunday I woke up and ached all over. It was a good soreness, though.. an accomplished soreness that I didn’t and don’t mind having.

Over all, it was a great time. It makes you feel so good about yourself. That’s not why I ran it to begin with… but that is why I will run it and many other runs again. I did not experience runner’s high.. but I constantly had chill bumps and I almost wanted to cry because I was so elated! I felt as though I had climbed Mt. Everest.. it was a high!

Bad picture.. but.. I did just run a 10k 🙂


I can tell you that if I can run a 10 K… ANYONE can! It’s all about setting goals. I think a small part actually has something to do with the physical aspect of it.. but most of it takes place in your mind! Can you will yourself to do it? Will you give up? Don’t give up.. because you CAN do it. You just have to want to.

So.. There’s an 8K on April 10th.. Who’s in!?

P.S. Sorry about the absence of my writing. I have been blessed with a ton of freelance so my writing may be a little off and on. xoxox


3 Responses to “ATR Summary”

  1. Ashley March 29, 2010 at 3:58 pm #

    Good job Amanda! I like the black and white pic of with you in color!

  2. Kristen K. March 29, 2010 at 5:33 pm #

    Great job Amanda:) This was my 3rd ATR and reading your post took me back to the first one I ran. I have ran quite a few races in between including a half marathon (13.1 miles). I had the epiphany while running this one that I don’t really run races just for the heck of it, but I run it for the finish line. The finish line is the best part not because it’s over, but because I’ve reached my goal…..keep running!!

    BTW- I’m in for the 8k!

  3. Samantha Folse March 29, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    Sometimes to push past a plateau, you actually have to increase what you are eating. I know that sounds crazy but it does work. Also, if you change up the routine, like a heavy breakfast and light dinner will work. You just have to confuse your body, it’s gotten into a routine and needs some shaking up! BTW I love the Ben pics!

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