Well Hello There

14 Apr

It has been awhile hasn’t it? I wonder if there is a correlation between not writing and not losing? So I’m giving it a go. The reason I haven’t written is because.. well.. it’s becoming a chore.. a non-enjoyable one at that. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing.. but I think the subject matter is getting a little old. Let’s face it.. I’ve never been a health nut.. and never will be. I mean, I want to be one but I don’t think I will be the kind that obsesses over what they eat forever.. maybe just until I lose the weight that I have said that I want to lose. So I better start writing again so I can hurry up and lose it.. and stop talking about it so much! IT’S GETTING OLD! I rather talk about.. um.. stuff, ya know?

I’ve lost 33 lbs thus far. I keep holding still at my current weight. I know it’s because I have not diminished the number of calories I am taking in.. I am not burning more because I have lost more.. SO.. I need to work on that. I have been running.. and I started Boot Camp on Monday Nights (AMAZING and only 3 Dolla at G-Street) Boot Camp reminds me of Volleyball Conditioning.. complete with wall jumps, wall sits.. sprints, suicides. It’s great! I really love it. I mean.. I love the way it makes me feel.. I hate it while I’m doing it, but you look around and other people are suffering with you so you know you aren’t going at it alone. In fact, I really wish we could have it multiple times a week. I am considering just doing it at my house. Nah.. I won’t do that… I am a pansy.

Ok.. so I’m doing Boot Camp and I only go running about once or twice a week. I will start going to Zumba on Thursday Nights too (at my church) and I want to go to my friend, Holly’s Zumba class at Life Church.. it too is only 3 dolla and she is amazing so I can’t wait to take her class! I just have to wait until LOST is done… because I would not get home in time to watch it (sad, I know but it is the only t.v. show that I watch religiously)

Back to running – I need to go more and when I do go, it makes me feel FANTASTIC! So why don’t I go? Because I am human. Just like Paul says, “Why do I do the things I don’t want to do and don’t do the things that I want to do.” (totally paraphrased) My Flesh is so weak… that’s why. We are supposed to do everything unto God… So if I were to see my running as an act of worship.. then Maybe I would be more consistent? I use to worship while I ran. I remember running that track and raising my hands.. It was more in an attitude of gratitude that I did not die.. but still… it was worship none the less. I was listening to MAE. I use to listen to MAE alot when I ran. I am a creature of habit so I would listen to them and Franz Ferdinand every time. I’ve misplaced my ipod so I just listen to the Owls and the birds at the park, now.

Did I mention that My abs hurt.

Oh… and today, I got the notion to see how many pieces of bubble gum I could fit in my mouth. I fit 12 and ever since then.. I have felt really nauseous. I was also mad because I left my Fiber One bar at home. Every day, I eat a Fiber One bar for my 10 O’clock snack. (just like a little kid). Well, today.. I forgot mine. So I ate my orange and I was mad..the orange was good but I was SO hungry and it did not feel me up so even after I ate my lean cuisine.. I still felt like a deserved Raisinettes.. and I ate an entire movie theatre sized box of them when I went on my lunch break. I said, “I’ve had a rough day and I deserve it!” Whatever.. it was only 380 Calories… That’s really a lot plus before I got the raisnettes I bought almonds thinking they would be the healthier choice.. well.. 1 ounce had 190 calories.. and I’m sure I ate one ounce. It’s kind of weird because in the past I liked this particular brand of almonds from the gas station but NOW I think they taste too salty? Hmm..

So for breakfast I had the usual Clif Bar 260 cal, then I had an orange about 70 cal.. then I had a lean cuisine 260 cal.. Almonds 190 cal and then the raisinettes which amounted to 380 calories! AHHH that’s a total of 1150.. So I really need to eat a light dinner. See All is not lost.. well.. except for the pounds I wanted to lose.. If I would exercise tonight, I would be ok.. but I have too much to do. Maybe I’ll just run in place at my house.. or jump up and down.

Ok, this is super long.. See what happens when I don’t write for 3 weeks!? Well, it’s good to be back!

BYE! Sorry no pictures 😦


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