22 Apr

I got a job at the Limited when I was a senior in highschool… actually I got it around the time I was graduating.

I was in a size 14, then. I remember one particular outfit that I bought when I worked there. It was a cute leopard print top with these cute dressy khaki pants. Well, my mom never got rid of the pants (She didn’t like the shirt.. she said, “Nice girls don’t wear leopard”). I probably have not worn them sense my freshman year of college.. but she just kept keeping them. 

Paris isn't a nice girl. Maybe mom was right.. ha ha


So yesterday I went by there to borrow some yeast (I am having a pizza party this weekend – yes, I do on occasion allow myself pizza) well, she noticed that my jeans I was wearing were a little loose and told me she had some of my old clothes and I should see if I could get into them. [Enter Limited Dress Khakis] 

To my surprise.. they fit! I could not believe it. They were a little tight.. and wayyy to short but they clipped and zipped and it felt good. 

Well, sense I was reliving my old highschool wardrobe, I figured, why stop? So I tried on a few other pairs of pants.. some 14’s, some New York and Co. 16’s (they were too tight? I think they must have shrunk!).. they were a little tighter which made me sad.. but progress is progress right? It’s better going forward slowly then backwards fast! 🙂

I just wanted to share that exciting news with you. I know I am not writing as much these days. Just too busy but I had to write about that! I’d say that’s quite an accomplishment! SOOO I went home and had some dirt cake! HA. My mom MADE me take some to Matt and I allowed myself a little bit too.

Sans Gummy Worms


One Response to “Surprise!”

  1. Ashley April 22, 2010 at 4:08 pm #

    I didn’t know your mom made chocolate dirt cake with wormies. Ben led me to believe it was vanilla or nothing at all…. and absolutely NO worms!

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