Remedy for Rumbley in my Tummy

11 Aug

I am hungry right now. I’ve eaten plenty but stomach is growling. Today I have had 

• Clif Bar for breakfast (260)
• Fiber One Bar (140)
• Turkey and Cheese Sandwich on Wheat (about 250)
• Yogurt (100)
• String Cheese (70)
• 3 cup of pop corn (45)

For a total of 739 Calories

I drew my food because I left my camera at home today and I am a nerd.

Before I popped the popcorn, I decided that I need to start eating foods that keep me fuller longer. I began having hunger pains and that’s not going to fly! I don’t like the feeling that at any moment, if someone offered me a twix, I would say yes and scarf it down because I was feeling so hungry. When I’m hungry, I feel vulnerable! I need to work harder eating more protein. Protein keeps you fuller longer, right?

Ok… after researching I’ve found from Spark People that you need to eat foods with Low Density.

“Calorie density refers to the number of calories per gram of food. Foods that are HIGH in calorie density contain a high number of calories per gram; foods that are LOW in calorie density contain a low number of calories per gram. Calorie density is the key to feel full without overeating.

When you eat too many calorie dense foods, you’ll end up consuming a lot of calories to fill your belly. If you focus on low-calorie density foods, you can fill up on fewer calories because low density foods contain a lot more water, which adds weight and volume to the food, but no calories. ”

Low Calorie Density Foods are like clouds. They are heavy… but are less dense, so they float. (I’ve never understood that until now! Sorry… I’m an artist, not a scientist!)

To combat hunger through out the day…

EAT MORE broth-based soups like chicken broth and vegetable broth. (WHO KNEW!?)
EAT MORE leafy greens like lettuce, baby spinach and mixed salad greens with fat-free dressing.
EAT MORE fruits like apples, blueberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, oranges, peaches, strawberries and watermelon.
EAT MORE non-starchy vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes and winter squash.
TIP: Start your meal with a bowl of broth-based soup or low-calorie leafy green salad to fill up on fewer calories. Turn to non-starchy vegetables when you get the munchies.
Another option is to eat foods that are high in Fiber and Lean Protein.”

I am out of gum, but chewing gum through out the day, has helped me to fight my hunger cravings, and for some reason causes me to drink more water. I think water is a flavor enhancer, so while I’m chewing gum, I like to drink water. To me, it brings out the flavor in the gum!

This is such a pretty painting!

The article goes on to say,

“Now that you know which foods have the staying power, it is important to spread these satisfying foods throughout the day into designated meals and snacks. Then you’ll be reaping the benefits all day long.

Even better, slow down and savor every bite. Research has shown that it can take 20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you have reached satiety (Satisfaction). So take your time and enjoy every delicious bite along the way. ”

I think all of this is easier said than done but it is certainly helpful information. I think I need to go BACK to the grocery store! 🙂 We forgot to get fresh fruit and veggies yesterday (oops).

Moving on to my run…

I was meeting my friend, Sarah D and her mom, Melissa D. at my alma mater to do a little cardio. Well, there’s a track and then there’s a long trail that goes around the entire school. I was under the impression that I was going to meet them at the track but they had already started on the trail. For fear of my life and not catching up with them, I decided to hit the track running.

He reminds me of me

I printed the From the Couch to a 5K work out out, but left it at home, along with my camera, thus causing me to do my own little work out routine. I walked a lap then jogged a lap. Then wondered why I was son confident in my running abilities because it tore me up! I don’t think I got the right speed down and was running faster than I usually do. So I walked.. and then I pretty much got into the rhythm of walking half of each lap and running the other half. It worked out well enough.

I only did 2 miles before it started getting dark and I had things to do at home, so I left.

I’d like to pose the following question: Why don’t we do the things that are so good for us? After my work out, I felt great! It wasn’t too painful.. I mean, really…What is the deal? We are crazy messed up people and by “we” I mean “I”.  I understand why I don’t always eat right all of the time because I want to eat the good foods.. but exercising isn’t really that hard. I mean thank the Lord we have legs! I just get so mad at myself! I am a lazy bum! I need to remind myself of this every day! 🙂

Ha.. this reminds me of me too!

I need to make it part of my daily routine.. like brushing my teeth, or putting my shoes on. Then, if I know that I don’t have a choice… it is something that has to be done, maybe I will do it!? I’m just preaching to myself, friends 🙂

And after all of that has been said, I must say that day 2 is rest day of from the couch to a 5-k. ha ha ha 🙂


One Response to “Remedy for Rumbley in my Tummy”

  1. Randall August 12, 2010 at 2:10 am #

    Don’t criticize urself to hard. 2 miles is dang good. I started with just walking 1.2 miles a day. My neighborhood is a 0.6 mile circle so I have the fortune of doing 1k laps at my front door. Do u have a smart phone? There are some neat apps that time you. So you can push yourself to do better.

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