21 Aug

I don’t feel like writing but it was brought to my attention by a certain someone that it has been 10 days sense I have written anything and I needed to get to it! (Thanks for holding me accountable, Randall)

It’s really quite funny because writing about what I eat everyday does help me stay focused. If I don’t write.. I feel less inclined to keep my word. SCANDAL, I know.

mmmm...peanut butter

Today I had 1 cup of coffee, 2 small…very small pieces of bacon. Infact, so small I would say I really only had 1 piece. Then I went to carpe diem for a little HTML training and had a very bad for me Non Fat Caramel Mochiatto followed by about 17 peanut butter m&m’s. Because of that horrible treachery, I did not allow myself lunch because I knew that was already bad and since today is my mother’s birthday, I was going to indulge in a little cake and ice cream later. Which I did.. but only after I Had Dressing, Dumplings, Purple hull peas and the best macaroni and cheese that my taste buds have tasted since I don’t know when!

Ice cream and cake.

I know.. I’ve been bad and last night, I ate at Fuego. Granted, I did partake in a grilled chicken salad but let’s face it.. chicken salads from places like that are still bad for you and since we went to see a movie after that I had my favorite movie num num, Rasinettes. I like rasinettes because believe it or not, they are kind of good for you. They are rich and anti-oxidants because they are part fruit. HA. Whatever I have to tell myself.

BUT I have lost 3 lbs. I thought it was 4 but I must have gained one? I don’t know? Probably from that night I ate at Matt’s grandmaw’s house and she MADE me eat corn bread. She doesn’t want me to be skinnier than her, I think.

THe point is.. I have done a little better.. but I need to focus and I need to run. I wish I was one of those cool kids that was disciplined and could wake up early.. like when it’s still dark outside and go running. That would be cool.. but alas, I’m not one of those uber disciplined, self help book reading, organic food eating, hot tea drinking people. I’m just not. Sigh.

Althought.. I must say.. I kind of like who I actually am. I’ll tell you who that is later….

Getting to know Anna Grace pre-birth

My best friend had a beautiful Anna Grace today. I already love her. I can’t wait to meet her. I wish I could show you a picture but I’m not able to because it was only texted to me. She’ll be on facebook eventually. I love that she is a big baby! Amy’s not a big girl. She’s rail thin and she had an 8 pound 10 ounce baby girl! Big babies are the best (no offense to those who do not have big babies) I just like substantial babies that you don’t have to worry about breaking, ya know. I think babies are breakable anyway, so I usually don’t volunteer to hold him.. until they can at least crawl and then they don’t want to be held anyway. HA, go figure.

Happy Saturday. I’m done. ❤


3 Responses to “Saturday”

  1. Randall August 22, 2010 at 2:43 am #

    So what is Fuego for the clueless?

  2. katherine heath August 23, 2010 at 2:00 pm #

    I am so jealous she had her baby!!!!! I can’t wait to not be pregnant! 🙂

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