My Fitness Pal

3 Jan

8:26 PM Today marks day 1 of my weight loss adventure. I
Must say, I feel very confident with my efforts. Thanks to “my
fitness pal”, an ap that my gal pal, Sarah D., told me about, I am
able to easily track my calorie intake, water consumption and
exercise throughout the day! The Ap would not be complete without a
database of over 30,000 foods. Whether from restaurants or home,
you can find them in the database! The ap deducts the calories as
you go so you know how many calories you have left. One of my
favorite things about the ap is the exercise calculator! The ap
already knows your weight, so you just select the activity and type
in the time and it tells you a round about number of calories you
lost! Today, I ran 51 minutes and burned about 800 calories! That
makes me feel great but also left me feeling even more hungry, but
don’t worry! My Fitness Pal takes that into account and let’s you
eat even more calories! Of course, you don’t have to…I only ate a
few over and I am completely satisfied! I really do feel like I ate
nonstop today! Breakfast started with the usual Clif bar. Then, for
a snack I had chobani pineapple yogurt (yum)! For lunch I had
grapes, a ham and cheese sandwich (on wheat) and celery and carrot
sticks. Then, I went running. After my run, I was craving something
sweet, so I ate an orange and it WAS sweet and messy! I really did
eat a lot of food…but it was all packed with protein and fiber to
keep me satisfied. Ha…until around 5, when my stomach started
talking to me, saying, “feed me seymore!”. To which I replied with
a long car ride! I had every intention on cooking dinner but with
Andrew’s Mom in the hospital, we had to go get his uniform and book
bag…long trip, so…we ate at Tropical Smoothy. My Fitness Pal
told me what to eat and it was the Roast beef and wasabi sandwich,
a banana and an Acai green tea with Splenda smoothy. Everything was
DEliSH And very diet friendly! I will be cooking tomorrow 🙂 tin
foil dinners – Yum! So that about sums it up! If you have a smart
phone, you MUST get this ap! It was free…but it might cost
something now? Oh wait…I forgot the best part! After you finish
the day you submit the day and it tells you how much weight you
will lose by a certain time! Guess what it said to me? It said that
if every day is like today, I will lose 21 lbs in five weeks!!!
That is exciting and nice to see that it will pay off! Of course, I
honestly don’t anticipate running every day for five weeks, but
seeing that definitely encourages me to try!


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