Finally! Some Imagery:

5 Jan

(I haven’t had any since I’ve been blogging from my phone)

I was dog tired last night and completely forgot to post.

So.. here’s the run down:

My breakfast, lunch and snacks were all the same as they were on Monday.


YUMMY Chobani Yogurt!



Clif Bars - My "go to" breakfast



These oranges are from Target and they are SO sweet!




My dinner, however was different. Again, Matt and I were not going to get home until late, and because I am eating less calories and burning more calories, I have been STARVING by 5 o’clock so we decided to get some sushi.

I do not eat seafood but I don’t get sushi with fish. I absolutely love the garden rolls from Fuji-San. If you’ve never been there, it is in mid-town near the loop in an old black and white house. I’ve had garden rolls from many-a-sushi place in Mobile, and to me, Fuji-San is the Crem de la Crem! I don’t know about the seafood rolls, but my friends that frequent Fuji-San, agree with me. Plus.. I like that their name is Fuji-San. I think it’s more original than some of those other Sushi places. The people there are very nice and you will always be offered some sort of Banana thing for dessert. Of course, I always decline. It’s a little strange.

I’m not exactly sure how many calories are in a Garden Roll but “My Fitness Pal” told me that 12 pieces had 349 Calories. Well.. I ate 18 pieces (Gosh, that’s a lot) So added 175 calories to the 349 for  a total of 524 Calories. I just hope that that is an accurate number. I don’t want to cheat.. because then I’m only cheating myself out of losing weight.


Hipstomatic + Sushi = Pretty



I had hoped that I would lose maybe another pound (I’ve lost 3 (water weight) so far), but I didn’t today when I got on the scale. SO.. it could be from all of the rice taking awhile to digest? I’m not sure.. but hopefully, I’ll have better luck tomorrow, even though I’m not running today.

By the way, for my fellow running friends.. My left hip is starting to hurt. It’s never felt this way before? I don’t know why…It scares me a bit, though. Should I stretch more or is there any particular stretch that I can do to help with the pain? It just feels really strange.

Moving on..

Today, My gal pals and I went to Scaryland to hold hands and pray for our Ruby Tuesday’s lunch. There, I had the Grilled Chicken Wrap and Steamed broccoli. I also drank my weight in diet coke. I couldn’t help it, though.. I had not had one since Sunday and have started itching and breaking out in cold sweats. My lunch totaled to be 543 Calories PLUS one bite of a garlic cheese biscuit which was probably about 10 calories? I’ll burn 10 calories just from typing this, so I think I’ll be ok.


Chicken Wrap + Broccoli


For dinner, I really am going to cook! I am having baked chicken with various vegetables. I love roasted Zucchini and Squash, so I’m thinking I will probably roast some and sprinkle some Kosher salt on it. Is that healthy? Hmmm. I am having Chicken Tin Foil Dinners. These are comprised of chicken, onions, salt, pepper, carrots, zucchini, squash, and bell peppers. You season to taste and pop it in some tinfoil, wrap it up and bake at 350 for probably 45-60 minutes? The carrots take awhile to cook all the way through. It’s a really easy meal to prepare, though.. and if you want it to go faster crank up the temperature and don’t use carrots. You can also uses ground beef or ground turkey.

I’m going to include some screen shots from “My Fitness Pal”, for those of you that have not gotten it, you will see how it works and will be convinced! It makes you feel SO good. After you tell it how many calories you had for the day it will tell you how much you will weight in 5 weeks! It’s a good number if you do things right 😉 Of course results vary but it’s very encouraging to see!


This is the Food Diary where you log in your food consumption via My Fitness Pal's Food Database


So that’s about it for the day. I have not drank enough water for today but I will try and drink more to wash out all of the sinfully delicious Diet Coke that I’ve consumed… and who know’s.. maybe the “Shred” is in my future for this evenings work out?




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  1. laura January 10, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    Matt and I have both joined my fitness pal and we love it so far.

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