BCS Championship + Garlic

11 Jan

As most of you know, the BCS Championship game was last night. I remember watching the game last year with U of A and to celebrate, some friends and I made taco soup. A low-calorie delicious, football-worthy treat.

I watched the game… they fell asleep:

This year was different. Different teams, different location, different people (Me, My dad and Matt) and different food.

This year, Matt and I decided we would make Green Chili Chili. This too, is a low-calorie chili full of flavor. So much flavor, it is starting to radiate through my skin. My co-worker just walked in and said that my office smelled like garlic. You can imagine my embarrassment as I explained to him that the night before, I had to cut up 10 cloves of garlic! (The original recipe called for 5 but we doubled it)

Anyways.. the game was intense… and so was the chili. It called for beer and I’ve never cooked with beer before but it added a different flavor that none of us were use to. My dad was not aware of the “secret” ingredient because I’m not sure he would have eaten it had he known… so we didn’t tell him! He he he

Anyways! After I indulged myself with the chili and a few too many fritos, I was SO sleepy! I had grown tired of seeing the Tigers slip around on the turf and wanted to go home. We don’t have cable at home which is why we were at my parent’s house. Matt said he would just listen to the game online. SO we went home and I fell asleep.

The chili was good. The recipe is here. You may want to go easy on the beer, though. Unless you really like that flavor? I don’t and wonder how it would have tasted if we hadn’t of used it?

Yay! Auburn Won!!!

Because of the fritos yesterday, I am most certain I went over my calorie goal. Today is going ok though. I need to work out and plan to this evening.. hopefully 🙂

Until next time!


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