I did not know your arm pits could be sore

10 Jan

But mine are. Thanks Jillian! I LOVE you. (Not) Ha ha, remember when “not” was an expression? It was around the same time that “The Bomb” was too. We should bring it back. Jillian Michael’s is The Bomb and I am about to spend 20 minutes with her. I am nervous. I have not felt this anxious about working out since basketball practice with “Coach” Gaston. I hated when he would say, “Baseline!” That meant we were running sweet sixteens, suicides, or that weird game where the person in the back of the line tries to get in front of the front person. UGH! I hated that one. I hated all of them and they always made me anxious and now, I feel that way about Jillian too. Dang. It’s ok, it will only be 20 minutes and Andrew wants to work out with me which is always very encouraging.

So for dinner I ate the leftover chicken that Matt made with the taco seasoning + Spinach + 2% American Cheese wrapped up in a Pita. It was good and filling and only about 180 Calories each! I ate 2 + a Yoplait 100 Calorie Yogurt:

Pita Bread: 60 cal; 2% American Cheese: 60 Calories; Chicken: 60 calories; being able to add up the amount of calories you took in without a calculator: priceless.

I ate two.. they were good too!


These are the pitas I found. They have all of that healthy stuff like flax.

Rabbit Food! YUM


Yogurt for a side.

So that was my dinner… so 460 Calories for dinner + 780 Calories from earlier today = 1240 more than I thought it would be but it’s Matt’s fault. He told me I should eat that second wrap. Well.. it’s ok. I must take responsibility for my actions. 🙂

I did go exchange the scale that I bought but guess what… this one did not have the battery in it even though it said battery included, SO I did not buy a battery. I guess I will just weigh on the wii fit tomorrow morning. I’ll let ya know how much weight I’ve lost. Say a little prayer and have a good night!


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