BCS Championship + Garlic

11 Jan

As most of you know, the BCS Championship game was last night. I remember watching the game last year with U of A and to celebrate, some friends and I made taco soup. A low-calorie delicious, football-worthy treat.

I watched the game… they fell asleep:

This year was different. Different teams, different location, different people (Me, My dad and Matt) and different food.

This year, Matt and I decided we would make Green Chili Chili. This too, is a low-calorie chili full of flavor. So much flavor, it is starting to radiate through my skin. My co-worker just walked in and said that my office smelled like garlic. You can imagine my embarrassment as I explained to him that the night before, I had to cut up 10 cloves of garlic! (The original recipe called for 5 but we doubled it)

Anyways.. the game was intense… and so was the chili. It called for beer and I’ve never cooked with beer before but it added a different flavor that none of us were use to. My dad was not aware of the “secret” ingredient because I’m not sure he would have eaten it had he known… so we didn’t tell him! He he he

Anyways! After I indulged myself with the chili and a few too many fritos, I was SO sleepy! I had grown tired of seeing the Tigers slip around on the turf and wanted to go home. We don’t have cable at home which is why we were at my parent’s house. Matt said he would just listen to the game online. SO we went home and I fell asleep.

The chili was good. The recipe is here. You may want to go easy on the beer, though. Unless you really like that flavor? I don’t and wonder how it would have tasted if we hadn’t of used it?

Yay! Auburn Won!!!

Because of the fritos yesterday, I am most certain I went over my calorie goal. Today is going ok though. I need to work out and plan to this evening.. hopefully ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time!


Dreams are made of…

9 Jan

Onion, Tomato, Cilantro, Lime, Chicken, Taco Seasoning and Black Beans.

Pico De Gallo

These are the things dreams are made of… or what REALLY good Lunches/Dinners are made of.

If you like Mexican flavors then this dish is FO YO!

First, make the Pico De Gallo! That way the flavors can marinate a bit. You can find the recipe here.

Secondly, prepare the chicken. I slice it up in strips and pour a pack of taco seasoning, salt, pepper and lime juice.

THEN You put a little bit of Olive oil in the pan and blacken the chicken. Leave the stove on high and cook the chicken on each side for a couple of minutes. Note: This may make your smoke detector go off, so use the vent ๐Ÿ˜‰

I LOVE black beans so I warm some of those up to go on my burrito or wrap or whatever itโ€™s called.

I bought little green wraps that are supposedly made out of spinach from Winn Dixie. They only have 70 calories and are packed with Fiber! (WE LOVE FIBER) So I put all of the contents in the wrap. I also used low-fat mexican blend cheese. It has 80 calories per quarter cup.. If you grate your own cheese, you may find that it is more favorable. The pre grated cheese has corn starch on it and takes away from the deliciousness BUT works if you are pressed for time or get anxious when using a grater.. I know I do..you know, when the cheese is almost to the end! I always get scared that the grater will cut me!


I have leftovers for tonight so I think I am just going to take all of the deliciousness and make a salad out of it instead of putting it on that wrap. The wrap is good but not my favorite for mexican.

I am estimating that one serving would be about 300 calories. (I hope)

I love food. I love mexican.

The other night I grilled with some of my gal pals. I made BBQ Chicken Quesadillas. They were pretty much the bomb.com. You can find THAT recipe here. If you are just tuning in.. you will come to find that I absolutely LOVE the pioneer woman. Her recipes are DELISH and NEVER fail me (except for her grown up mac & cheese). The only problem is that her recipes arenโ€™t always the healthiest so I try to modify them accordingly. That often means using olive oil instead of butter…. and many other things.. ๐Ÿ™‚ She is my best friend and one day I will meet her and thank her for teaching me how to cook. (My mom tried but I never wanted to learn, then.)

My first time to ever cut up an entire fresh pineapple!

BBQ Pineapple Quesadillas! YUM

Oh and I guess it would be good to know that Iโ€™ve lost a total of 6 pounds. WOOTIE WOOT WOOT. Yes, thatโ€™s mostly water weight but weight is weight, right?

YAY for being a loser! Happy Sunday and Happy Monday for tomorrow! (Ewww Monday)

Here are a few more pictures from cooking this past week. If you ever want some really delicious baked veggies, cut them up and toss them in olive oil and kosher salt! DELISH:

in the oven:

After baking or roasting or whatever I did???

This is my tin foil dinner! VERY good! ๐Ÿ™‚

Repost: “An Unfortunate Morning”

6 Jan

Warning: This post may be a little graphic. You may not want to read any further as it contains a story about an unruly insect that tried to attack me in my own home. Please do not judge me for having this particular insect in my house. As you may know from previous posts, we have had several kinds of insects, arachnids, and amphibians but never this one.. no.. this one tops them all.

As I right this, my heart is still beating rapidly. Finally, after repeated attempts, I murdered him. He was breaking and entering and I am certain that I will be protected by the court of law. That jerk! I tried to kill him when I first saw him while getting ready for church this morning. He ran. Then I continued to get ready. My husband had already left as he is was leading worship and had to be at church early to practice.

I called my mother to ask her how much the pest control people were. That I could not take it any longer. She laughed.

As we continued our conversation, I told her about the spiders, frogs and even snake (we saw him yesterday) that have been coming in and around our house! She told me several remedies that could help the problems.. but then.. the little beast came out.. ON MY BED! THANK GOODNESS I AM GETTING NEW BEDDING TOMORROW!

So.. I grabbed a paper towel and tried to get him. I heard a… crunch… I thought maybe I had at least done a little damage to his nasty exoskeleton. [oh my gosh, i can’t believe I am even talking about this] I was wrong. He ran away again.

So I gathered my make up and told my mom I was going into another room to finish getting ready. I could not be a victim of this..this.. vermin, but first.. I had to get my shoes.

Well it just so happens that I am wearing a cute little sheath today to church. Kind of a retro, 50’s silhouette. SO the dilemma here was which shoes should I wear.. I was going to get 2 pair and continue my deliberation in the living room. As I bent down to find the second shoe to the second pair that I was going to try, I continue my conversation on the phone… then.. all of a sudden, I feel something light trickle across my foot. I look down.. and THERE IT IS! THE BEAST IS TRYING TO KILL ME!!!!

I SCREAM ON THE PHONE and stand up quickly. “Mom! Mom! He touched me, he touched me! He found me and is trying to attack!

“Amanda, get a paper towel and squish him! Step on him.”

“I’m scared!”

Then, I take my beautiful black BCBG pump that I have on my foot (THANK GOD) and step on the bastard! He crunches again.. EW! I remove my foot to see if it’s done any damage and he starts running around in circles. I scream again!

My mom responds to my scream, “Is he dead!? You know they are said to carry Salmonella.”

“NO, mom! He keeps moving around! I’m scared. I’m going to die from Salmonella now.”

“Amanda, put a paper towel over him and get some disinfectant”

“I did, but he keeps moving around! Does windex work?”

“Put a paper towel on him and step on it! You don’t have any bathroom cleaner or something? Yes, Windex will work.”

So I put a paper towel on top of him… but he continued to move. These creatures are very resilient. I continued to step on the towel in hopes of killing him even more, hoping that my method of killing him was tortuous and that he died a slow and painful death.

I continued my conversation with my mom, ” I think he’s dead.”

“Well, pick him up and go put him in the toilet… but don’t put the paper towel in the toilet, it will stop it up.”, she replied

“I don’t know how to do that.”, I said, with my heart pounding. I felt as though I was going to hurl. I gathered the paper towels (There was a long line of about 9 that were still attached by the perforated edges) and walked into the bathroom, careful to keep my hand lose enough that I could not feel it’s mass but tight enough that he would not fall through the cracks of the paper towel.

I dropped him in the toilet as my mom said, “You’ve killed your first roach. You are becoming a woman.”

“I don’t want to be a woman.”, I thought to myself and then flushed the bastard down the drain.

Then I gathered my make up, coffee, and Clif bar and came into the computer room to where I began writing this story. AFTER my mom said not to put it on the internet.

Now, I’m asking God why he created that horrible species? Really, what good are they? I don’t understand. I understand Spiders keep the fly bug population down and I understand Snakes eat rodents.. but what in the world does a… a… Roach do… carry diseases such as Salmonella and attack innocent young home owners!? BLASTED CREATURES!

So as my heart beat begins to slow down and I regain my baring, I wonder If I will be able to sleep in my room tonight. Will I ever be able to touch my bed side table or read any of the books he walked on. I just don’t know. Sigh.

Today, Matt will be disinfecting our entire room. He owes it to me. He should have got an exterminator when I told him we needed one the first time! Now I’m going to die from Salmonella!



Finally! Some Imagery:

5 Jan

(I haven’t had any since I’ve been blogging from my phone)

I was dog tired last night and completely forgot to post.

So.. here’s the run down:

My breakfast, lunch and snacks were all the same as they were on Monday.


YUMMY Chobani Yogurt!



Clif Bars - My "go to" breakfast



These oranges are from Target and they are SO sweet!




My dinner, however was different. Again, Matt and I were not going to get home until late, and because I am eating less calories and burning more calories, I have been STARVING by 5 o’clock so we decided to get some sushi.

I do not eat seafood but I don’t get sushi with fish. I absolutely love the garden rolls from Fuji-San. If you’ve never been there, it is in mid-town near the loop in an old black and white house. I’ve had garden rolls from many-a-sushi place in Mobile, and to me, Fuji-San is the Crem de la Crem! I don’t know about the seafood rolls, but my friends that frequent Fuji-San, agree with me. Plus.. I like that their name is Fuji-San. I think it’s more original than some of those other Sushi places. The people there are very nice and you will always be offered some sort of Banana thing for dessert. Of course, I always decline. It’s a little strange.

I’m not exactly sure how many calories are in a Garden Roll but “My Fitness Pal” told me that 12 pieces had 349 Calories. Well.. I ate 18 pieces (Gosh, that’s a lot) So added 175 calories to the 349 for ย a total of 524 Calories. I just hope that that is an accurate number. I don’t want to cheat.. because then I’m only cheating myself out of losing weight.


Hipstomatic + Sushi = Pretty



I had hoped that I would lose maybe another pound (I’ve lost 3 (water weight) so far), but I didn’t today when I got on the scale. SO.. it could be from all of the rice taking awhile to digest? I’m not sure.. but hopefully, I’ll have better luck tomorrow, even though I’m not running today.

By the way, for my fellow running friends.. My left hip is starting to hurt. It’s never felt this way before? I don’t know why…It scares me a bit, though. Should I stretch more or is there any particular stretch that I can do to help with the pain? It just feels really strange.

Moving on..

Today, My gal pals and I went to Scaryland to hold hands and pray for our Ruby Tuesday’s lunch. There, I had the Grilled Chicken Wrap and Steamed broccoli. I also drank my weight in diet coke. I couldn’t help it, though.. I had not had one since Sunday and have started itching and breaking out in cold sweats. My lunch totaled to be 543 Calories PLUS one bite of a garlic cheese biscuit which was probably about 10 calories? I’ll burn 10 calories just from typing this, so I think I’ll be ok.


Chicken Wrap + Broccoli


For dinner, I really am going to cook! I am having baked chicken with various vegetables. I love roasted Zucchini and Squash, so I’m thinking I will probably roast some and sprinkle some Kosher salt on it. Is that healthy? Hmmm. I am having Chicken Tin Foil Dinners. These are comprised of chicken, onions, salt, pepper, carrots, zucchini, squash, and bell peppers. You season to taste and pop it in some tinfoil, wrap it up and bake at 350 for probably 45-60 minutes? The carrots take awhile to cook all the way through. It’s a really easy meal to prepare, though.. and if you want it to go faster crank up the temperature and don’t use carrots. You can also uses ground beef or ground turkey.

I’m going to include some screen shots from “My Fitness Pal”, for those of you that have not gotten it, you will see how it works and will be convinced! It makes you feel SO good. After you tell it how many calories you had for the day it will tell you how much you will weight in 5 weeks! It’s a good number if you do things right ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of course results vary but it’s very encouraging to see!


This is the Food Diary where you log in your food consumption via My Fitness Pal's Food Database


So that’s about it for the day. I have not drank enough water for today but I will try and drink more to wash out all of the sinfully delicious Diet Coke that I’ve consumed… and who know’s.. maybe the “Shred” is in my future for this evenings work out?



My Fitness Pal

3 Jan

8:26 PM Today marks day 1 of my weight loss adventure. I
Must say, I feel very confident with my efforts. Thanks to “my
fitness pal”, an ap that my gal pal, Sarah D., told me about, I am
able to easily track my calorie intake, water consumption and
exercise throughout the day! The Ap would not be complete without a
database of over 30,000 foods. Whether from restaurants or home,
you can find them in the database! The ap deducts the calories as
you go so you know how many calories you have left. One of my
favorite things about the ap is the exercise calculator! The ap
already knows your weight, so you just select the activity and type
in the time and it tells you a round about number of calories you
lost! Today, I ran 51 minutes and burned about 800 calories! That
makes me feel great but also left me feeling even more hungry, but
don’t worry! My Fitness Pal takes that into account and let’s you
eat even more calories! Of course, you don’t have to…I only ate a
few over and I am completely satisfied! I really do feel like I ate
nonstop today! Breakfast started with the usual Clif bar. Then, for
a snack I had chobani pineapple yogurt (yum)! For lunch I had
grapes, a ham and cheese sandwich (on wheat) and celery and carrot
sticks. Then, I went running. After my run, I was craving something
sweet, so I ate an orange and it WAS sweet and messy! I really did
eat a lot of food…but it was all packed with protein and fiber to
keep me satisfied. Ha…until around 5, when my stomach started
talking to me, saying, “feed me seymore!”. To which I replied with
a long car ride! I had every intention on cooking dinner but with
Andrew’s Mom in the hospital, we had to go get his uniform and book
bag…long trip, so…we ate at Tropical Smoothy. My Fitness Pal
told me what to eat and it was the Roast beef and wasabi sandwich,
a banana and an Acai green tea with Splenda smoothy. Everything was
DEliSH And very diet friendly! I will be cooking tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ tin
foil dinners – Yum! So that about sums it up! If you have a smart
phone, you MUST get this ap! It was free…but it might cost
something now? Oh wait…I forgot the best part! After you finish
the day you submit the day and it tells you how much weight you
will lose by a certain time! Guess what it said to me? It said that
if every day is like today, I will lose 21 lbs in five weeks!!!
That is exciting and nice to see that it will pay off! Of course, I
honestly don’t anticipate running every day for five weeks, but
seeing that definitely encourages me to try!


2 Jan

As I begin writing my 2nd annual New Year’s Resolution post, I would like to quote the editor from “Women’s Health
Magazine”: “Confidence is the key to success, because every transformation starts with the belief that you can make good things happen for yourself.”

Last year, after beginning my weightless blog, I lost a total of 40 pounds. Around Easter, I found Myself
getting a little jaded and burned out. My blogging dwindled along
with my weight loss. Now that am full circle I must confess that I
have GAINED about 13 pounds. I am not proud if this but must admit
that part of may weight gain was due to justification by exercise.
I can now run a 5-k but will guiltlessly indulge in a few slices of
Pizza afterward. On occasion that is ok, but my over indulging was
turning into a daily regimen. Hence the poundage. Poundage on the
pavement ironically lead to poundage on me. Granted my weight
increased these past two weeks because I stopped running due to my
demanding holiday schedule. The fact of the matter is that I still
love the taste of all foods and often eat for entertainment. The
drinking of my 64+ ounces of water a day has also subsided. I have
indeed fallen off of the wagon. BUT what are resolutions for!? To
resolve one’s self, of course! And that is what I aim to do. I am
here to say that despite my recent failed efforts, I will somehow
muster up the confidence to try try again. Will I stick with my
previous goal in reaching a size 10? I’m honestly afraid to commit
to that…let’s take baby steps. I am excited to hop back on the
wagon. I feel that with my new found love for running plus eating
healthy, drinking plenty of water and the plethora of fitness aps I
have on my iPhone, I should have no excuse for failing! I will
succeed and I will appreciate any support the readers I may or may
not have can give me! I hope to inspire one person that may inspire
another. We can do this, friends. Yes…we… Will! Happy New Year!
Here’s to do-overs.


21 Aug

I don’t feel like writing but it was brought to my attention by a certain someone that it has been 10 days sense I have written anything and I needed to get to it! (Thanks for holding me accountable, Randall)

It’s really quite funny because writing about what I eat everyday does help me stay focused. If I don’t write.. I feel less inclined to keep my word. SCANDAL, I know.

mmmm...peanut butter

Today I had 1 cup of coffee, 2 small…very small pieces of bacon. Infact, so small I would say I really only had 1 piece. Then I went to carpe diem for a little HTML training and had a very bad for me Non Fat Caramel Mochiatto followed by about 17 peanut butter m&m’s. Because of that horrible treachery, I did not allow myself lunch because I knew that was already bad and since today is my mother’s birthday, I was going to indulge in a little cake and ice cream later. Which I did.. but only after I Had Dressing, Dumplings, Purple hull peas and the best macaroni and cheese that my taste buds have tasted since I don’t know when!

Ice cream and cake.

I know.. I’ve been bad and last night, I ate at Fuego. Granted, I did partake in a grilled chicken salad but let’s face it.. chicken salads from places like that are still bad for you and since we went to see a movie after that I had my favorite movie num num, Rasinettes. I like rasinettes because believe it or not, they are kind of good for you. They are rich and anti-oxidants because they are part fruit. HA. Whatever I have to tell myself.

BUT I have lost 3 lbs. I thought it was 4 but I must have gained one? I don’t know? Probably from that night I ate at Matt’s grandmaw’s house and she MADE me eat corn bread. She doesn’t want me to be skinnier than her, I think.

THe point is.. I have done a little better.. but I need to focus and I need to run. I wish I was one of those cool kids that was disciplined and could wake up early.. like when it’s still dark outside and go running. That would be cool.. but alas, I’m not one of those uber disciplined, self help book reading, organic food eating, hot tea drinking people. I’m just not. Sigh.

Althought.. I must say.. I kind of like who I actually am. I’ll tell you who that is later….

Getting to know Anna Grace pre-birth

My best friend had a beautiful Anna Grace today. I already love her. I can’t wait to meet her. I wish I could show you a picture but I’m not able to because it was only texted to me. She’ll be on facebook eventually. I love that she is a big baby! Amy’s not a big girl. She’s rail thin and she had an 8 pound 10 ounce baby girl! Big babies are the best (no offense to those who do not have big babies) I just like substantial babies that you don’t have to worry about breaking, ya know. I think babies are breakable anyway, so I usually don’t volunteer to hold him.. until they can at least crawl and then they don’t want to be held anyway. HA, go figure.

Happy Saturday. I’m done. โค